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Mumia Abu-Jamal Moved Into General Prison Population


Black Panther activist and former death-row political prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who has been held captive in solitary confinement within the Pennsylvania penitentiary system for the past three decades, has now been moved into the general prison population.

Susan McNaughton, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Abu-Jamal was moved Friday from the housing unit at the Mahanoy state prison in Frackville, about 80 miles (130 kilometers) northwest of Philadelphia.

As previously reported by Hip-Hop Wired, the Supreme Court in October declared his death-sentence to be ‘unconstitutional,’ then in December the district attorney conceded, announcing they’d no longer pursue to legally lynch Abu-Jamal – automatically relegating him to a sentence of ‘life in prison without parole.’

The fight is still not over though as he still needs a new trial after being railroaded by the Philadelphia judicial system for the past 30 years after being “framed”  for killing a policeman.


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