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Would Be Mugger Catches The Fade In Newark, Dies


A man named Gian Davis tried to mug a couple of college kids in Newark, NJ, and ended up dying as a result. The Newark Star Ledger reports that Davis approached two men asking for change and to use their cell phone to call a cab. After one of the men said he would call a cab for him, Davis tried to steal the phone and began hitting one of the men in the head. His friend intervened, putting Davis in a headlock.

It was the students who called the cops. “The other two parties actually summoned police to the scene and remained there at all times,” said Chief Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Thomas S. Fennelly.

The student released Davis, who by that time was unconscious, when the police arrived. Davis was pronounced dead at University Hospital about an hour later.

No charges have been filed against the two men, one of which is a former high-school wrestler.

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    According to non criminal people connected to him (The Robber) there was certainly more to this story. The story posted is that of the 2 men who remained living and can still talk. Did they mention that this man had his own cell phone? He was a block from his house and there are no colleges in walking distance of the scene? Hmmmm. What were these 2 guys out looking for walking around this neighborhood at that time?? Drugs? Weed? I am certain it will come out in the end. Hope they cover it and add it to these same sources.