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Is The “Ni**as In Paris” Video Littered With Illuminati Images?


The video for “Ni**as In Paris” hit the Internet yesterday  and while the world tries to avoid having a seizure, some were busy counting how many Illuminati references made it into the four minute clip.

Jay-Z and Kanye can deny their membership in the secret society all they want, but The Urban Daily highlights some of the supposed Illuminati images found in everyone’s favorite track from Watch The Throne.


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  • Jbyrd402

    They in it no doubt

  • KnowledgeIsPower

    If ONE person can describe what it is and what it’s all about then…that would be one thing. Pick up a book people, do your research and…oh wait NO ONE READS ANYMORE!! Stop this nonsense, they are playing into that the same way they play into the rest of the images purported in rap. Its controvercial, GETS THE PEOPLE GOING ha…and yall believe it. Silly nig-a-roes, the Illumianati is NOT FOR or ABOUT US! We couldn’t park the cars at one of their meetings! Please…and that’s IF it still exists.  

  • Champhf

    its like selling sand… if people want to belive sell it to them. you cant blame them for capitalizing off others ignorance. if it get the people going…. sell it. they dont belive in illuminati… the people want to belive in it…… so sell it.

  • Talia Goosby

    There is such thin as the Illuminati ! If they wernt in it , they would put upa an arguement over all of this . . . Untill someone proves me wrong im going to beleive this is real . I looked into this in the library . It is real . It is a secret sociaty planying to “take over” the world useing the power of not GOD , but the Devil ; Dont beleive if you dont want to . But i know whats going on .