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Rapper Lil’ Boosie Is Not Dead


Rumors of the currently incarcerated Lil’ Boosie’s death have been greatly exaggerated. It seems like Boosie Bad Azz is the latest rapper to get prematurely killed via Twitter.

Well, despite allegedly catching the fade in Chicago for not properly compensating Boosie’s family, Webbie is trying to squash the death rumors. “LET ME CLEAR IT UP, BOOSIE IS NOT DEAD,” tweeted Webbie earlier today.

This entire matter is hella suspect, and in bad taste, considering the music world just lost Whitney Houston yesterday (February 11).

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  • Don

    Free Boosie

  • SoWhat

    Oh no this is the worst news yet? Lil Boosie is not dead…….why oh why god is he still alive : (

    • Kokokrispy

      Wtf yu so childish Yuu needa die !

  • Mixonadrian

    Da greatest rapper eva,dey need 2 stop spreadin dese damn rumors.Free Boosie Badazz

    • Anonymous

      “Da greatest rapper eva”

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  • Coolblackguy

    Boosie was a decent rapper……………..but damn he has some serious time to deal with. Hold ya head kid. 

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  • AnjBerhe

    Honestly who cares?

  • Shirleyray69

    Yall really thought boosie was dead….smh