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Lil Wayne Disses Jay-Z & Kanye West At Cash Money’s Pre-Grammy Party [Video]


Cash Money’s annual pre-Grammy party was full of performances from the YMCMB crew, and Erykah Badu, but Lil Wayne’s jab at The Throne is getting most of the attention. After thanking attendees, shouting out his crew and accepting plaques highlight all the records he has sold, Weezy dropped a quick rhyme aimed at Jay-Z and Kanye West.

“I ain’t really got nothing else to say, but uh…I met a bad red bone, I took the Beyotch home, I asked her what she want to watch she said surely not the Throne,” spit Lil Tunechi, who immediately dropped the mic and walked off the stage.

Also, just before his rhyme Weezy announced that Christina Milian was now singed to YMCMB.

Video of Wayne’s speech below, first spotted at Real Talk NY, as well as video of performances with Tyga and Drake.

“Hell Yeah” & “The Motto”

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  • MissLaVell

    Wayne needs to go sit down somewhere…

    • Kim33933

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    •  LMAO….That’s exactly what he’s doing right now with the entire YMC whatever the f**k they are in addition to sobbing at their embarrassing loss at the Grammys. It must burn to talk reckless & still lose to the person you are dissing; guess he’ll be taking notes while watching the throne & licking his wounds.

  • datjerk

    it wasnt even 3 yrs ago wayne was ridin’ J’s D! i dont know why he keeps trying to come for J, Wayne is not a battle rapper at all. AT ALL!

  • Lakendra

    Wayne just makes me want to choke him everytime I hear or see him. Ugh he’s so eewgly!

    • Anonymous


      • Ksl5

        why do yall feel that way?

      • Geewhiz

        Cause he’s fugly as he11, that’s why. What kind of dumb question is that? LOL

      • Ffmaster1

        Who are you to tell that?and who is talking abot look now!?obviously,you’re gay!

  • Onyx

    Christina Milian is way out her league messin’ with them thugs. Seriously…but then again, she’s a groupie, so she might fit real well after they don’ ran up in her real quick and put a 2nd bun in that oven. I guess this is her tryin to get close to Nivea’s ex, perhaps? I mean they do share a baby daddy already, right?

  • Anonymous

    he wants reaction that’s why he keeps coming at Jay he used to b a rapper that would feed into this lets not forget that famous battle with Nas “classic” but just look at Wayne homeboy in MY OPINION will b irrelevant in the next few years he’s not the same since the Carter 2 i love that cd

  • Craiglistseller9000


  • BAP

    Christina milian!?!? Yall still thank wayne a thug huh..fag

  • Carman

    I sincerely hope that no one from YMCMB wins a Grammy. Especially that homo, Drake.

    • Ksl5

      hehe, omg, why not?

  • Don

    Christina must blow the whole YMCMB CAMP TO GET PUT ON!!!

  • Nikhelms9

    Wayne needs Jay to respond so he can remain relevant

    • Hahailoveit

      What she said

    • J. Rames.

      but the carter 4 sold 3.5 million and climbing.
      its not about selling albums right here-
      it’s about who holds the ultimate rap crown.

      J’s had it for probably a decade +. Wayne’s not satisfied
      with being second.

      Wayne is 2nd. 
      Wayne is not irrelevant.
      Wayne’s a beast.

      However; Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY is f**king with J & Yezzy.
      Just listen to “I DO” J’s verse is scary advanced. 

      And Yeezy is still putting out the best music out there…
      YMCMB has the pulse of the youth. 

      J & Yeezy has the pulse of legends.

      • Realnigga

        since when was jay first and weezy was never in the top 10.

      • J. Rames

        men lie, women lie…
        numbers don’t.

        Check the numbers homie.

      •  Jay-Z’s verse in “I Do” is extra-regular. 

      • Guest

        Err… Wayne 2nd? That cough syrup got to your head too huh? Weezy ain’t even in Em’s league let alone Jay. 

  • Golf76

    Why do I want a peanut butter and jelly SANMITCH???

  • J. Rames.

    but the carter 4 sold 3.5 million and climbing.its not about selling albums right here-it’s about who holds the ultimate rap crown.J’s had it for probably a decade +. Wayne’s not satisfiedwith being second.Wayne is 2nd. Wayne is not irrelevant.Wayne’s a beast.However; Nobody, and I mean, NOBODY is f**king with J & Yezzy.Just listen to “I DO” J’s verse is scary advanced. And Yeezy is still putting out the best music out there…YMCMB has the pulse of the youth. J & Yeezy has the pulse of legends.

  • Esha Diva

    Am I the only one saddened by the fact that E Badu would associate herself with this cretin?

    • Anonymous


  • TellsItLIkeItIs1234

    I think these people are no talent fu%%% ups. Rap is irrelevant.

  • Stop this black on black crime!

  • EbonyLolita

    Confused as to why C-Milli would link up with THEM!!! Her $$$ is secure b/c quiet as kept she’s STILL cashing Disney checks. She rights music for their top shows & is involved in voiceovers for Disney as well. 
    She better focus on continuing to be a good mom & stay away from these dregs of society. I dont’ see ANY good coming to her from associating w/them 🙁

  • Champhf

    LOL he dont want it…lol

  • Sily123

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  • Pebblesvashon

    And weezy next Jumpoff : christinaho millian!

  • Sportshy

    He needs to stop riding Jay n Ye, they’re untouchable, he’s still trying to get where they are!

  • Krystale20

    Wayne has lost ALL credibility with me.  He needs to go sit the hell down cuz he’s now on my #LAME list.  HATER!!!



  • Truth is Watch the Throne is the ish!  Jay Z & Kanye did the damn thang!  Don’t make em get in they zone….

  • Hiphopnrapyeah

    The fact is, Jay is the only rapper in HISTORY who could do a duet with Biggie and not be completely and totally overshadowed. Still wasn’t his equal, not even close, but still visible at least. I’m a white trash mofo from Indiana and I can even outrap Weezy! With him and J, it’s a non-issue to me.

  • Larajoseph36

    Yee big UPS to Wayne and drake for their sales.can’t believe Milian is young money. shes paid 4real now. Fck haters. Ymcmb all day