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Father-Son Music Promoters Still Captive In Angola Over Nas No-Show


With details seemingly ripped from the pages of an espionage thriller, the tale of father-son music promoters Patrick Allocco and his son, also named Patrick, and their ongoing ordeal in Angola is mind-boggling. The Alloccos, from New Jersey, planned to bring veteran rapper Nas and female rapper Jemiah Jai to Africa to perform a pair of New Year’s Eve shows in Angola’s capital city. Nas was a no-show and the drama ensued from there. The Alloccos were kidnapped by gunpoint en route to the American Embassy and still remain captive in a local hotel, reports the New York Post.

With Nas pocketing his $300K advance along with Jemaiah Jai taking in $15K, the absent rappers placed the Alloccos under the fire of Angolan music promoter Henrique Miguel, who demanded a repayment of the money. Nas eventually repaid the funds although it’s been reported that Jemiah Jai has yet to return her money. After interrogations, death threats and promises of being allowed to return home, the Alloccos face uncertain danger while holed up in a hotel that is costing them $500 dollars per night.

The Alloccos have been denied refuge by the American Embassy by the State Department citing the pair was not at risk for serious harm, which is the department’s leading requirement. “We did not find, in this case, that Mr. Allocco met the criteria for refuge. However, we did bring [the younger Allocco] into the Embassy temporarily,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said. “My understanding is we gave him some clothes and some medicine, but we didn’t take him in for refuge.”

Speaking with the New York Post, the pair places the blame squarely on Nas’ shoulders for their current situation. “He [Nas] put us in real harm, in real possible danger,” Allocco said. “This is the closest thing we came to someone up and running with the money.”

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  • Ibramblebush

    LOL!!! Welcome to Africa!

    Nas probably just got too high.

  • Anonymous

    Nas was probably scared to face some REAL thugs…They gangbang on a whole different level…But pocketing the money was wrong…Nas can’t be pimping folk out of their money…Everybody don’t play that forgive and forget ish…

    • Anonymous

      did you read what the article said? He paid the money back, but the female with the 15k did not.

  • J. Burnett

    The report clearly states that Nas returned his portion of the money so those cats tripping over 15k that the other artist did not return (which has nothing to do with Nas) is BS and petty!

  • TheTruth

    Wheres the black bhtch’s portion?!! Appauling that she’d pull a life endangerment move like this!! She needs to swap places with them!!!

  • customcalendars4u2

    Lol… @ the U.S embassy in Angola claiming that they(especially white men) don’t fit the criteria for help in getting back to the states.  Personally I thought they had to be black just, because they are still stranded over there. In Laymens terms the U.S embassy really is saying you will just have to sweat it out for a while for getting involved with that damn Urban Hip Hop crap,but eventually we will take the credit for you getting back home. Lol, Can’t wait to see the low budget Hollywood movie that’s sure to be made in the future…I just hope @ the end of the movie Nas survives!

  • customcalendars4u2

    For those saying Nas has nothing to do with the remaining $15,000 debt I don’t agree with that! What if that was you and your father stuck in some foreign country where it’s not even illegal to be Kidnapped? In good faith he should have paid that money especially when people that he has a working relationship with  lives are at stake. He can take up the issue of who owes what when they get back to this country safe and sound. Think about it Nas and some unknown talent to perform in Angola Nas pockets $300,000 and she supposedly gets $15,000. The difference alone in pay says this is some unknown artist he has under his muse who he’s guiding along & making money off of and if neither showed up then she was probably NEVER paid, and worse Nas may be making her the fall guy. Another scenario if you are a broke up and coming artist that’s been grinding in the studio laying down tracks and constantly being told you are finally going to see a payday in freaking Angola(of all places)then when you finally get some money why should you have to give it back?? We already know these labels sell you big dreams, they lie, break promises, rip you off  and make you work 4-ever just to get pennies.

  • Abc

    Both Nas and Jemiah Jai are at Fault here! 🙁

    Both had the intentions of screwing the African Country, he gave it back after weeks of them begging and threatening to do something to hurt their captives.