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Rick Ross Is MTV’s Hottest MC In The Game [Video]


After all the debates by the MTV “braintrust,” as well as plenty of commentary online, Rick Ross has been named MTV’s Hottest MC In The Game. The final two MCs came down to Rozay and Drake, with the Maybach Music Boss edging out the Young Money rapper, and crooner, for the top spot.

Coming in third was Kanye West, thanks to his work on Watch The Throne, followed by Nicki Minaj, who is just as much a Pop star as she is a Rap star, and Lil’ Wayne came in fifth. For those paying attention, that means YMCMB held down 60% of the top five. Not a bad haul.

For those crying foul, try to understand the nuances and difference in the meaning of adjectives like “hottest,” “best,” “greatest,” etc. Watch the MTV peeps discuss the Bawse and Drizzy’s hottest MC credentials in the video below. 

Photo: Derick G

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  • Champhf

    LOL the best MC in the game and he was a drug dealing cop…LOL man hip hop changed…LOL

  • gfella bleep

    Look at the body of work in the past year. Look at the powermoves made you gotta give it to Ross its not saying history its based on the past year.The state of hip-hop has changed its more about the business side as opposed to the music.

  • gfella bleep

    Be real you can’t knock Ross music either

  • Craiglistseller9000

    ONCE AGAIN WHO DECIDED THIS LIST?  THE WHITE PEOPLE AT MTV…The same MTV that has sucker free sunday but has nothing but has nothing but suckas…the same people who wouldn’t play rap music until they saw it was big money…Rick Ross raps the same isht over and over…Drake raps like a Itchbay(softest rapper alive) on his period…dayum HIP HOP IS DYING…