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Peter Rosenberg Calls Nicki Minaj “A Sell-Out!” [Audio]

As we’ve seen in his interview with Machine Gun Kelly or ScHoolboy Q, Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg keeps it 100 whenever he provides his opinion on a subject. When discussing Nicki Minaj, there was no change in Rosenberg’s filter at all. The Hot 97 radio personality proceeded to critique Nicki’s approach in her music and appearance, citing her performance at the Grammy’s.


The radio host also likened her new single “Starships” to pop stars Ke$ha and Katy Perry. “I mean no disrespect to Nicki Minaj, but it was nice having you in Hip-Hop,” said Rosenberg. “This song right here, ‘Starships,’ is literally one of thee most sell out songs in Hip-Hop history!”


Ouch! Continue for the full level slander.


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  • she IS a sell out. She’s been one since forever. 

  • I Am Not The One

    He’s not lying. Preach bro. 

  • Harsh Reality

    Stink bytch.

  • Destinycoppage

    Stop hating on dat gurl she did her mtf thing…

  • Why does Hip Hop have to cross over?  You don’t see much crossing over in Country, Gospel, Rock, Blues and many other music genres.  The beauty of Hip Hop is it’s raw and rugged nature.  Why do so many artists today feel the need to create a Hip Pop sound once they hit the mainstream? 

    • AJ Farrar

       That’s not true at all. Not much crossing over in rock? What do you call Green Day, Coldplay, Sum 41, etc…the rock purists don’t claim these acts because they became “mainstream” and crossed over, but their roots are still there plain as day. Country artists have less pop collaborations, but they also have a sect of purists out there who wouldn’t consider Taylor Swift and the like to be “real” country.

      There isn’t anything wrong with not liking hip pop, but black artists are doing nothing new…

  • Tg

    I can’t believe her style sells.    Between Lady Gaga, Katy, Rhirhi and her – very disrespectful.   If they had real talent – they wouldn’t have to sell themselves as street walking singers.     But I guess that sells among these cyber baby idiots – who post their lives on a computer day after day after day.   What a bunch of classless h03’s most of the singers are today.

  • BKNYC1

    no he’s not lying

  • Anonymous

    she did sell out 

  • so true !!!

  • Tjpeoples41

    She’s crossing over…

  • Nicki Minaj is a walking Insecurity, somethings going on inside that girl;she torn between being her self and a barbie. -@PiinkD (twitter)

  • welp i been saying this for a while she is not hip hop.. Jesus someones sees the light

  • Anonymous

    She been a sellout since the first time she put on the blond wig.


    I agree!! afterseeing one of her older videos before she made it, she was a beast. I was listening to her spit and was like WTF happened to her, she bleached got some injections, her nose and teeth fixed and now she brand new. Hip hop does not need to cross over, thats what this big wigs are telling artist to lose them selves, she has talent but all of her “gimicks” are wack. She is a sell out, but what else would you expect coming from young money, Gremlin aka little wayne, talking about light skin,  light is right etc. the whole group is wack, they making money because they are sellingout to young white kids who sad to say have certain beliefs about minorties. YM sucks!! believe that. Damn i miss hip hop. This is what out future holds, YIKES!!

  • Nikki can do anything she want yo.  SHE GOT IT LIKE DAT.
    What the F%^$ck is hip hop any how?  Everythings been said before  
    What’s Jay-Z and Kanye Doin?  is Paris Hip Hop?  Yo  Hip Hop is Over  
    We in the future spittin surealism. What ?ya got to eat Chitterlings in order to be soulful?
     Leave Nikki alone because you all don’t understand advanced mathematics.  Big Up Baby, Weezy, Drake and Young Money Cash Money Yo

    • Cookie monster 101

      First of all hip hop is not dead and while your trying to defend Nicki. Learn how to spell her name and other words. Go back to school.

  • ImanIndigo

    He kept this Shyte 3hunna. I definitely agree.

  • true love

    Why LIL WAYNE is not called a sell out. He did an entire rock album. But he is not being called a sell out.
    This is one of the reason, there are no female rappers out right now. Dude come up with any B>S> reason to not support them!!!!

  • he didnt lie.. step it back up Nicki..

  • Lady Belle

    She is a Sell Out. B@tch used to be a Beast..!

  • Lady Belle


  • Xzamilio

    It’s not like he’s lying….she did this solely for money….might as well be honest about it.

  • Mags

    She is a sell out. Who pulls out of a hip hop concert because of him! She needs to pay attention to her fans. Obviously, she’s embarrassed and knows it.

  • Guest

    I’m at a lost for words. Nicki your just branching out “Branching out” lame.