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10 Reasons Why ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded’ Won’t Live Up To The Hype


She’s Lost Her Lyrical Mojo

The sophomore slump is alive and well when it comes to album No. 2. Gone are the days when Minaj felt like she had something to prove.

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  • Rich

    She is a looser, a biter, a copy cat, and shes a FAG she is everything u teach ur kids not to be. She copies everyone and trys to do what has been done. She cant rap she tried to battle the QUEEN of RAP which we all lnow is LiL KIM. But she cant rap. Her battling lil kim is like rhianna trying to out sing whitney in her prime! Total fail. Kim told u all she was a bipolar FRAUD. Kim wins!!!! The new EP coming soon!

  • chrissy17

    wow oh well team Kim i think that Grammy preformance was horrible….she need to do a song that they could relate to but she said the grammy producers asked her to do the song….so they are a part of her demise……..

  • Karen

    She is totally wack, she is trying so hard to be Lady gaga but she is failing because lady gaga has talent she does not. Her 5 mins of fame will be over soon, thank God.

  • Ashley Banks

    As much as I don’t like the role model she is for our kids, most stars sell out to stay relevant. She has been copying others for a while now, and it started with lil kim. What is not beign considered is her ability to capture a young mindless audience. With her in pop and rap, she has a huge audience to stay in the game. Sorry but I dont think this bipolar nonrapping non creative plastic nonsinging soul isn’t going anywhere.

  • Monica

    I have been telling people since the day she came out that she will not last.Her lyrics are garbage. she is a gimmick.She is using her beef with Lil Kim to sell her records. Every song she has put out for this album is about Kim. Also, She is not catering to black folk anymore. She is creating music for the white people. However, they are not going to have it after a while because they already have their queen (Lady Gaga).

  • Oscar

    I agree her sophomore album won’t live up to the hype, but she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! sorry haters are always gonna hate but she is a very smart lady! Whether or not u agree that her “crossing over” is a disgrace to the hip hop game I think she’s smart enough to know where she gets paid.

  • ashle Smith

    You all mufukas need to leave nicking alone, u don’t like her but yet as a nicki post pops up u al are the first to comment u don’t like someone u avoid them!!!! It’s dat simple!!!

  • mark

    i think a lot of you are over thinking things… she still top charts and doing things that a lot of past female mc’s were not able too do at the time or even now.. y has kim came out w new music if shes using paypal to sell albums..anyone i mean anyone cud use paypal

  • Really

    Really????????????? i just cant wait until she prove all of yall wrong an im so tired of #teamlilkim anything that you say that grandma did was 10 years ago lets talk about the now what is she doing NOW I’ll wait……………………

  • gigi

    OK she’s not an MC I’m so sick of reading that. Nicki could’ve stayed hip hop and got that lil Kim money (love you Kim) but after that Britney spears tour she got exposed to that international pop money which is significantly higher. I believe she’s the same nicki but this is an act generating her much more money and fame. If she can etch out her own lane instead of failed copy cat attempts she’ll keep soaring. For the record I’m not a nicki fan but I’ve been a listener since the come up

  • tekir074

    this article makes no sense.. its entitled 10 reasons WHY the album won’t live up to the hype.. you don’t actually give any real insight at all.. “lil kim won’t allow it” are you joking me? this is journalism at its worst.. do some research