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Roc Marciano Dropping ‘Reloaded’ Album In April, ‘Marci Beaucoup’ In September


Roc Marciano fans are getting a double dose in 2012. The L.I. rhyme spitter recently told HipHopDX that he is dropping an album titled Marci Beaucoup on Man Bites Dog Records. Those following Roc Marci may have been thrown off by the news since it’s long been reported the proper follow up to the rapper’s heralded, and self-produced, debut Marcberg was to be Reloaded.

However, Marci’s reps tell Hip-Hop Wired that Marci’s much anticipated Reloaded album will be dropping first in April via Decon Records. While Reloaded will feature contributions from Alchemist on the beats, Marci Beacoup will focus on Marci’s own production with assists from artists he rocks with like Action Bronson, Guilty Simpson and Evidence. Marci Beacoup will be dropping in September in collaboration with Marci’s own Iron Age label.

The former UN and Flipmode Squad member also cleared up speculation that he was part of a supergroup called M.A.R.S. that includes Cormega, Action Bronson and Saigon. “That’s a misconception that we’re a super-group because we’re not a super-group,” Marci told HipHopDX. “We’re not a super-group. It started off with us all just recording one song. The record is creating a crazy buzz. Just the idea of it. So it’s taken on a life of its own, but as far as a super-group, we’re not a super-group.”

Thanks to the praise he’s received from Marcberg and collaborative projects with Oh No and Alchemist (Gangrene Greneberg), Marci is finally enjoying the fruits of having creative control over his material.

“I’m finally actually adding on to the artistic world as a solo artist. I haven’t done that,” says Marci, who will be handling all the production duties on Marci Beaucoup. “I was doing it with groups before, like my crew The U.N. I came in signed to Busta Rhymes so I was working with him. I never really got a chance to get my vision across and do it my way. So, finally, I’m doing it 100% my way and people are just getting that. It is kind of new because I haven’t brought this to the business. It is kind of like being a new artist. But do I feel like a new artist? No. The music that I’m bringing to the table and what I’m doing now, is it new in comparison to what I did in the past? Yes. The music that I’m doing now makes me feel like a new artist, but I don’t necessarily feel like a new artist. I have had the time and the experience.”

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