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10 Rappers To Help Rihanna Get Over Chris Brown


Even though she stays at the top of the charts, at this point Rihanna’s love life (or lack thereof) is more interesting than her music. The 24-year-old singer is a self-proclaimed bad girl who has no qualms about smoking marijuana, attacking her Twitter followers for voicing their opinions, and making some bad decisions when it comes to Chris Brown.

The Rih Rih hate all but boiled over when the Grammy winner made the decision to collaborate with Brown on not one but two songs. Seeing as how he once beat her like she owed him money, fans and critics alike were understandably shocked by the move. Yet true to form, the Bajan pop star could give a damn about what the world thinks. She may have a tough exterior, but we can spot a confused former abuse victim when we see one. So, rather than advise her on permanently removing Breezy from her life, we’re offering up an alternative. Check out 10 rappers to help Rihanna shake her addiction to Chris Brown.

Click on the #s below to see who is worth candidate to be Rihanna’s rhyming rude boy.


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  • Guest

    Of coures you won’t let anyone talk about jayz beating foxy brown or eminen beating wife kim!

  • Guest

    rihanna is not an abuse victim. Rih and Chris had 1 fight as teenager 3 years ago. rihanna admits to hitting him 1st so why is he also not an “abuse victim”? I wish black folks would stop feeding into the bs white folks keep promoting!

    • Guest

      She never said that

    • Ask4selina

      Someone needs to drink some prune juice and let that $hit go. # leggo

    • i was thinking the same thing she admitted to hitting him 1st and they still young i had fight s with my x gf but we friends till this day. every one go’s threw it

    • Yall Idiots

      thats abuse. foool. hitting a women at any stage is abuse

  • Mushdagrt

    Hip hop wired I’m not sure who is responsible for what comments get posted but you might want rethink the have people that are reading these articles that want to voice there opinion but your not allowing them to do so..I commented on my man big krits article low & behold what I said didnt get posted…the site would be much more entertaining if you allowed your readers to have a voice..with that being said I know this probably won’t get posted …lol


    Hi guys, Rhianna is black women and it does not matter who started the fight she is not going to sit like a punk and get beat up, the fact that her face looked the way it was meant that they had a brawl and she got the worst of it.
    I agree with on the writer, yes they were all teenagers and got carried away so lets not write them off.everone is entitled to make mistake, lets hope that they all learnt from theirs.

  • Mayes Marie

    Everybody automatically blames the guy. Reports are that she hit him and he reacted. Well, what did she think was gonna happen? I have 3 sons and they are taught not to put hands on a female, but I be damned if they gonna sit there and let some female put hands on them. Male or female keep ur damn hands to urself. Point blank period.