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Young Jeezy Discusses Throat Surgery & Acting Ambitions [VIDEO]


Young Jeezy has one of the most distinctive voices in the rap game, which he nearly lost due to an injury to his vocal chords. Back into the rap swing again after medical time off, Jeezy discussed his throat surgery and the recovery process, as well as the possibility of more acting roles in his future.

Washington station WPGC personality Aladdin caught up with the Snowman recently and got some details on the injury that slowed the rapper down. “I tore my vocal chords, basically. I had polyps on it, and I tore it because I was doing a lot of yelling at my shows,” said Jeezy. “It kind of took me off my grind for like a year, because I couldn’t speak for six months, seven months. I had surgery, and then it took another three months for me to learn to speak again.”

Jeezy said that relearning how to speak again in front of his crew was a bit challenging, but he powered through the experience. “It was a whole precoess; I’m in a house full of cats and I had to get a vocal coach,” shared Jeezy. “I had to hum some things and sing some things and that ain’t what you wanna do in front of your homeboys when you’re trying to warm up and get your voice back. So it was a little difficult.”

Young Jeezy got a big compliment from Aladdin on his cinematic videos, prompting the question on whether the CTE boss will get into films. It appears that acting is in the works for the TM: 103 star. “I’ve been out LA back and forth with my person that pretty much handles that. I just been doing a lot of reading, just trying to get in the pocket. It’s something new but I been in front of a camera for so long, even when I was younger, I just had star qualities.”

Jeezy carefully said that he’s not done with music by any means, but is more so looking to challenge himself in the acting world.

Is Young Jeezy going to work in those “yeahhh” and “that’s right” adlibs into his roles though?


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