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Get Off The Boo Boo: 7 Things Rappers Make Look Cool (That Really Are Not)


A lot of stuff rappers say they do may sound cool on wax, but in reality it can carry serious consequences. Thuggin’, making fast money, having multiple s*xual partners and telling the po-po they can put their lips on your crotch may sound like the in thing to do, but pulling it off in real life can be a whole other story.

But if you let some rappers tell it, it is an everyday occurrence for them. Don’t be fooled. Here are seven things rappers brag about doing that will more than likely leave your regular azz, stomped out, arrested, unemployed or with herpes simplex 2.

Click on the #’s below to see who you don’t want to model your life after.


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  • Whitney

    Lol, love this. So true.

  • TacoPartyRick

    yall forgot:
    Skinny Jeans; excessive visible tattoos; getting shot; gang affiliations; snapback baseball hats; golden teeth and/or gaudy jewelry; Lil Boozie fades; knowing more about designer fashion and shoes than a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills; Nicki Manaj remixes; throwing money and the terms:”Swag” and “Rack”

    • ADHDope

      Just because the lyrics don’t appeal to your specific lifestyle doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It’s not hard to not listen to music you don’t like.

    • BambooPawBruh

       you gay

  • Bread215

    it’s fictional graphic storytellin.. u know like movie’s stage play’s e.t.c ppl kill me takin this to heart. and I dont wanna hear its misleading to the youth, bcuz the youth have parent also so believe these frauds if you want thats ya foolishness..

    • TacoPartyRick

       i agree.  hip hop has become a wrestling WWE (i was born in the 80s, so WWF/WCW) culture.  Some people, like you, have a mature mind set to see through the theatrics but alot of people think these lyrical “body slams” and “pile drivers” are real life.  But just like wrestling its mainly the youth who believe this stuff is real but i cant give the parents 100% of the blame.  Thats just Cosby-ish.  Its deeper than that

      • Tony Sloany

         With all due respect you probably mean RAP and not HIP HOP. Still I agree that the glorification of the BS has gotten outta control even with some real hip hop acts as well.

  • CriticXtreme

    There’s a demographic that loves this ish. Going to Harvard is tooo hard, nahmean?

  • CriticXtreme

    You have to fight the power because in many cases the power is as corrupt as foes on the street. Never ever trust a high school graduate with a badge and yes, Fawk the police! 

  • Miss P.

    I loved the entire article!! Today’s youth need to get a grip on reality and this article is a good first step! Thanks for this!

  • Tony Sloany

    Great list but #6 can still be accomplished without all the madness. One just has to be careful with his choices, wear two condoms and not one and leave room in the monthly budget for hella hotels. LOL.

  • son

    Cmon yall its fake 95% of the time. It is a lil crappy that the youth are chasing dreams of the past such as slangin rocks makin thousands and thousands… those days are so gone man. But people been gettin mad high for years…. hippie days… people been pimpin and slappin h@es… and people been sellin drugs. Parents need to school the children  more of whats out here or they learn thru what they think they hear and see. Shoot, if people can make movies about these things why cant people make music. Its art and story tellin at its finest….

  • So right, this only exist in a fantasy.

  • The Amateur

    Entertainment doesn’t have to be positive. Actors make breaking the law look cool, but parents still take their easily influenced, underage children to see Rated R movies. So, yeah.

  • Albert Russell

    Hey brother, I just want to commend you on this article.  I am a minister and a college professor and I am constantly telling young folks all day about the charade that is the entertainment industry.  Although we say it in a different language, we are saying the same thing.  I think that i am going to use this the next time I do a youth group at church…of course, I am going to have to do a little editing, lol, but this is very on point.  Thanks for being courageous enough to name names and give relevant examples for each point made.  Stay up and God bless.

  • MM82

    Great job, but nor everyone has the common sense to know that it’s only entertainment .

  • box5

    Face tatts should be on there, can’t get no work with that yell™