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Finally Famous : 10 Rappers With Pasts They Wish We Would Forget About


Game Changer

Claim To Fame…

Game came into the public eye as the West coast muscle of 50 Cent’s G-Unit Records in the mid 2000s and has since name-dropped and dissed his way to mainstream popularity. The ultimate bad azz rapper.


In 2000, a 21-year-old, tatt free Game appeared on the dating game show, Change Of Heart and endured 30 minutes of pure unadulterated humiliation from then girlfriend Sadita. “All he do is smother me or cry like a baby,” said Sadita. “That’s all he does.” (Sticky Fingaz voice) But, but, but, but, wait, it gets worse! She went on to downplay the size of his manhood, lack of wheels and floundering ambition. The final embarrassing blow was cast when Game chose to “Stay Together” while his GF had a “Change of Heart.” We can’t make this stuff up people.

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  • Qwerty

    That was just the way ppl dressed back in those days. Fashion changes like the weather. I’d doubt if he regrets this. In a year or two you’ll regret that ridiculous hair doo!!

  • Nees

    Drake never tried to hide the fact he was on Degrassi

  • iHeartMarijuana

    Those cats like Mobb Deep, Pac, Ice-T, etc… that’s not really embarrassing or shameful.  They were young and it was the 80’s.  That’s just how things were.  Drake, Nicki and ESPECIALLY Rick Ross are the ones who should be super embarrassed.  It’s obvious why.  Plies doesn’t need to be hiding his past though – he was in school and he dropped out.  He doesn’t have a criminal record.  NONE of that tells me he isn’t a thug or doesn’t go hard.  Most good criminals don’t get caught and have a little education.

    • IllyPhilly

       SO True!

    • jbrook

      Drake has NOTHING to be ashamed about.  He was an actor with a great following.  So many people I know and knew watched Degrassi High! Most rappers are trying to be actors and he has that already accomplished!

  • The whole street cred ish is ridiculous, one who was used to be a drug dealer deserves more respect than the well behaved school boy…

    • SUGAR

       I don’t think the writer meant that drug dealers deserve more respect however at least be about what you rap about.  Rick Ross’ situation and Plies situation is ridiculous. They can still use their talents but don’t portray something you are not.

  • Tupac is a homo thug. 

    • Laws da Mercy

      2Pac is dead… So that negativity is unnecessary
      R.I.P PAC
      Wonder if your haters will still be relevant 15-20 years after their death.

    • just sayin

      I am glad someone else said it. I have always said he was gay. Anyone who doesn’t think so after watching Tupac’s Resurrection is just crazy. What he is a very good actor. He can act like whatever you want him to be. So basically he was just acting like a gansta. He did a very good job. Bravo.   

  • Sportshy

    rick ross fat a$$ is the biggest loser on the list….how u gon steal another dudes IDENTITY and profess it was really u? Smfh…these new age artist are so cornball

  • Simmie

    The question here is what is the point of this article? To say that most of these people had average lives prior to their music careers is nothing new. Further, having had some education, had a real job, or as in Drake’s case, made more money acting  before the age of 18 than most people do by 30, is a good thing, not something to be ashamed of!

  • Unico

    Fail list is fail
    Entertainers having ‘average lives’ prior to their fame is nothing new.

  • IllyPhilly

     Ice T joining army, not gangsta? Plies going to college, not gangsta. Oh
    but a fat a$$ who CB4’d his name and life from a REAL gangsta as well
    as lied about being on the Jake’s side, gangsta. Gotcha! 

  • Game’s 1 is funny as hell tho

  • Lil Dwayne

    Nicki got a fat cat in her pants

    • Curtains

      Nicki has a d!ck in her pants

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I remember when I heard Wheelchair Jimmy was gonna be a rapper I laughed and said boy sit your a$$ down! Never knew he’d be so talented. . .

  • Curtains

    Rick Ross stole someones name, was a P.O., and lied about it. He’s fat and fake. Plies went to two universities and still raps like he never finished middle school. Dude is FAKE FAKE!

  • ☮ moreno ☮

    im not the same person i was 5 years ago. 

    • Takeedra2012

      Nobody should remain the same! Growing and evolving is apart of life!

  • Femiajayi2

    Niki is from Trinidad not Jamaica….SMDH!!!!

    • sigh

      I believe the editor meant Jamaica, Queens….not Jamaica the country.lol

  • Specialk

    You should change the nicki minaj article to her used to being a dike


    “HERE TODAY IN JAIL THE NEXT…change is good but come if you don’t get a “RAP SHEET” YO RAP IS WACK….

  • haterforlife

    guess you ain’t read P’s autobiography, when he wasn’t studying dance he was sticking mofos up!!! he shoulda killed Jay-Z when he had the chance…

    • JZ can’t talk about nothin he comes from Hawaiian camel sophie! this nikka! bungee jumping all over the video in a hawaiian shirt ! smh

  • NiggaWithALongCock

    i hate blacks 

    • you

       Thanks we have killed enough of our own The KKK  is now unemployed .Go back to hating yourself.

  • NiggaWithALongCock

    you are all monkeys

  • Levi Ioffe

    It sucks that they never broke the law, or that they went to college. I mean, what kind of people are?

  • TrellieMatrix

    you already KNEW plies was gonna be on here