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It Was All Good: 10 Artists That Were Buzzing Last Year, Not So Much Now


The Hip-Hop generation in 2012 is as gluttonous as any genre in music. Today’s successful MC is one who can stay relevant in all facets including great music, social media awareness, touring, and so on. However, the downside about that is one day you can be on top of the world and the next day we can all ask ourselves, “what happened to that boy?” Don’t think so? Check out ten artists who were literally on the thoughts of every rap fan at one point last year and now, through not much fault of their own, ended up on a milk carton. Hit up the slides to start the story.

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  • Reginastokes Rs

    Diddy and his TAX WRITE-OFFS…. ..They Probably have him at a billion rite now lol.(rolling my eyes and smh-ing

    • Mscaj

      Making all them damn child support payments too.

  • Jayy Bird

    Anybody that’s signed to Diddy’s label is asking for diseaster

  • who cares

    Diddy always breaking up groups. Im only aware of 3 ppl on that list haha I didn’t know they had a hit

  • Unico

    It seems people these days are giving artists a shorter duration of time to be relevant.
    I thought it took at least 3 to 5 years to call an entertainer “MIA”.

  • big c

    that racks on racks song was just plain stupid I never understood what people liked about this song.

  • Mrs_Rance

    Who dees people?  Willow’s opportunity was squandered by the failure to put out an album in a timely fashion.  Maybe they will do it right next time because unlike the others on this list she will get another opportunity.

  • Sweetrose78

    Half of the people of the list I know nothing of… But I believe that it’s best if some of them don’t get career revivals anytime soon.

  • anon

    i enjoyed this article because its actually true and has evidence to back it up. keep it up