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“Rick Ross” Wins Lawsuit To Keep Name Against “Freeway” Ricky Ross


William Henry Roberts can continue to go by the stage name “Rick Ross” thanks to the L.A. County Superior Court. Former drug kingpin, “Freeway” Ricky Ross, had sued the rapper for taking his name and allegedly imitating his life in his lyrics. The case—which was originally thrown out in 2010—has been reopened in California with a new trial date set for early May in Los Angeles, but today the judge threw out the case.

“I think he’s a complete idiot,” said Freeway Ricky Ross in an earlier interview. “It’s a disgrace for me to have someone like this with my name. He doesn’t know what the name stands for, or how I got my name. He thinks that this name belongs to some big mafia guy who don’t care about nothing but himself and really, he’s just a pig.”


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  • i agree with the original freeway ricky. even tho i in no way condone the life he lived , these rappers dont have no respect  for the ones who paved the way before him . he coulda had the consideration to talk to the real ricky about this like real men do.and gave him  a lil somthin  for it. but these new young cats in this game dont care bout there fellow man in no shape  way or form thats y were (black folks ) are going thru what we are.

    • guest510

      I agree. But I don’t understand why a man would take on another man’s ACTUAL name as his own. Like what makes you think that’s ok? Just as dumb as these rappers naming themselves after Italian mobsters that didn’t even like Black people. Just plain stupid!

  • MM82

    I have to agree with Freeway. How do you take someone else’s name and clout and run with it like its cool.

  • Of course Freeway is right. Dude aint got no shame but then we already know that. Look at how he walks around with his breasts on show. Dude is a bigger cup than me and I’m a DD. Need to concentrate on not having a stroke/heart attack and leave another mans name alone.