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Joe Budden Explains Arrest Over Unpaid Traffic Ticket From 2007 [VIDEO]


Joe Budden has revealed that he was arrested yesterday in New York City for an unpaid traffic ticket from back in 2007. Last night, the New Jersey rapper was unable to perform at Best Buy Theater with his Slaughterhouse crew. Budden told Fuse TV that he was unaware that he was even wanted by the NYPD before officers rolled up 30 deep, according to Joell Ortiz, into the theater to arrest him.

“I always perform in New York. The bottom line of it is if I would have known about the situation it would have been cleared up, but I didn’t,” said Budden. “It had never popped up before and I had gone through the system a few times.”

The timing couldn’t have been worse, but Budden has decided to take an “it is what it is” stance on the situation. “I’m pretty cut and dry about,” explained Budden. “It was an unpaid ticket, bench warrant; and when there’s a bench warrant they catch you when they can catch you. And it just so happens we had a sold out show at Best Buy Theater, and that’s where the decided to catch me.”

Watch the rest of the video to see Slaughterhouse describe having to perform without Budden and how officers sent to arrest the rapper were unaware of what he exactly looked like.


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