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WTF: Mary J. Blige Croons About Fried Chicken In New Burger King Commercial [VIDEO]


Mary J. Blige is singing about fried chicken. Let that marinate for a minute.

In 2012, Mary J. Blige, the multi-platinum album selling, multi-Grammy winning, around the way girl made good, is hawking Burger King’s new Crispy Chicken Snap Wraps.

The tune is set to Mary’s “Don’t Mind,” so this is clearly a ploy to cross-promote her current My Life II…The Journey Continues (Act 1) album. But why must she soulfully croon (note that said word is one letter away from “coon”) for some glorified fried chicken? Three cheeses, tortillas and whatever ingredients are in BK’s new menu item cannot make this commercial less beneath Mary’s station in the game.

Are we overreacting? Let us know in the comments if we’re being sensitive and need to just let Mary cook. But first, watch the Burger King clip below. 


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Photo: Burger King

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  • Guest

    Such a reach. Doesn’t even warrant a post. 

    • vwells1

      Respectfully disagree. This is embarrassing. Mary’s better than that. 

      • <>

        As human beings, we are endowed with freedom of 
        choice, and we cannot shuffle off our responsibility upon the shoulders 
        of God or nature. We must shoulder it ourselves. It is up to us. 

  • Lovecontradictions

    So many people have done these kinds of commercials why is it controversial when Mary does it y’all need a _/ for this one

  • Me

    Mary has crooned for Pepsi and Chevy as well, so what is the issue with the chicken wrap at BK? Stop reaching and let Mary do Mary

    • ???

      for real

  • Msdupl1

    I agree. I don’t see what the big deal is!

  • You would never see A-class Artist degrading their celebrity in this way. It’s not about the product be it soda or chicken. Its about the tacky classless way inwhich she does it.

  • E. F. Hutton

    I want this as my ringtone! I need a ringtone more annoying than the Geico Pig “Weeeeeeee. We. We. Weeeeeeeeee.” Thank you Mary!

  • Billyjonesbluez

    …I don’t see what’s wrong with this ad.  ….Mary looks good and sounds good.
    …it seems to me that someone is trying to make something out of nothing.
    …do I sense the ghost of jealousy here?

  • Geoff_mack

     Mary Got “PAID” To Do This So What’s The Big Deal? I Can See If It Were In A Comedy Sketch Or Political Illustration. The Animosity Should Be Directed At Mary. Not Burger King