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Exclusive: Obie Trice Says He Would Never Sign To A Major Label Again [VIDEO]


“I would never, ever get another record deal, I could do it myself,” Obie Trice tells Hip-Hop Wired. The Detroit rapper’s third album, Bottoms Up, is in stores today. The former Shady Records artist’s new album is an independent release via his own Black Market Entertainment label. Despite no longer part of the Interscope machine (he left Shady in 2009), The “Cry Now” rapper feels great about his current situation.

“I would rather have control of what I do and the music that I want to put out,” said O Trice Then, the dollar amount is better. It’s simple, you gotta dump back into the company, broaden your horizons, keep putting out music. You see everything; you see your errors, you see your successes. Whereas on a major label, you really not involved in those things. You got people doing that for you.”

Watch the video below to see Obie Trice elaborate on how Jimmy Iovine and suspect single selection effect the success of his sophomore album and why he felt it was important to from his Black Market Entertainment label.  



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Photo: Hip-Hop Wired

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    What ever happened to, “Red Head Kingpin”!

  • Moist Maker

    You might not ever get a record deal but can you get a barber and stop lining yourself cause your ish is crooked as hell…Real Talk…


      Just like your teeth!

      • Moist Maker

        Like your mothers adams apple…Dicksmoker

  • Lol

    sounds like both of you would eat a pile of poop if you were paid enough.

  • Fred e.Rick 83

    Truth is that we all work for a consumer of some kind. Whether we work for a company or our own. More power to you if you can do something solely for yourself.

  • Good information in that interview. Kudos to Obie and to this writer

  • WillWill

    I thought Shady Records productions’ was perfect for him. His first 2 albums were fire! Some of the most underrated hiphop albums imo.