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Buck Dancing For Fowl: 10 Stereotype Enforcing Fried Chicken Commercials


A few years ago, KFC took their racism down under. They featured an Australian cricket fan defusing the awkwardness of being outnumbered by a rowdy Black crowd, by passing around a bucket of chicken.

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  • uppitynegro

    The irony in this whole headline is the ad for free coupons for KFC chicken!!!

    • Craiglistseller9000

      I was thinking the same thing…

    • Sugabear420

      Also an ad for pressure fryers…so you can fry your chicken “The KFC way”…Wow.

  • I remember that Hammer commercial. Paul Mooney tore him up talking about dancing for chicken.

  • Argenys

    Chicken is good as f#@k, though. (I’m hispanic.)

  • Craiglistseller9000

    LOL  this made me laugh…

  • Lynne

    I’m whiter than a styrofoam cup and even I see how awful these are. The Australian ads were the worst and I’m totally NOT surprised.

  • Genesis

    Ian Wright is not an actor, but a former football (see soccer) player. And by the way, he’s English. Can the Australian commercial be any more racist? 

  • Guest

    Australians don’t have the same stereotype about fried chicken and black people. The people in their ad were from the West Indies, who have a friendly cricket rivalry with the Aussies.

  • SMH


  • SMH

    All races love the bird we just have different ways to cook it, in fact we were the first to fry it and every race loves crispy fried chicken including racists.

  • ddistheone

    Who knew Madison Ave were a group of comedy writers.  I remember some of these commercials.  At the time, I did not see the racism, but now…they are all the General’s chicken from Undercover Brother.

  • I want some chicken right now!

    Would someone mind putting these issues in an order of importance:  Black on Black Crime.  Unemployment. Voting. Education.  Broken Families. Domestic Abuse. Racial Profiling. Absentee Parents. Self-hate. Chicken. If chicken ranks higher than last on any of your lists, then we have a problem far worse than Mary J. and Burger King.

  • A N Other

    Ian Wright isnt an actor, he is a retired soccer player and he is English.

  • Meast36

    What will the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson say when Burger King’s next casting call for a chicken commercial says “looking for male, 20 somethings for TV commercial….Whites only”