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Street Wired: “Rick Ross” Defeats “Freeway” Ricky Ross In Court [VIDEO]


A few days ago, William “Rick Ross” Roberts won a court case against “Freeway” Ricky Ross which allowed him to continue using the stage name Rick Ross without consequence. According to TMZ, “Freeway” Ricky Ross, had sued the rapper for taking his name and allegedly imitating his life in his lyrics. In the first episode of Street Wired I hit the streets of New York to see what the people thought of the ruling and if it was fair or not.


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  • tyson

    ok what i want to find out is did rapper rozay have never compensated freeway rick ross for using his name? if he haven’t or he refuse to then i can see why freeway rick ross is mad at him and wanted to sue him. or maybe freeway rick ross  never finally agreed for him to use his name because  rosay was a correctional officer in his pass but he used anyway. also people keep saying rozay should had never use freeway rick ross name for his rap name but at the same time they don’t realize that’s what all majority rappers do, is get a old original gangsters name to fit their image as a rapper so the can get street cred etc… for example – ( Scarface, 50 cent, Machine gun Kelly, freeway etc..) ok my other ? is why freeway rick ross don’t sue freeway the rapper for using  just freeway for his rapper name, i’m sure he got the name from freeway rick ross right. ok to conclude if i was rozay i would have pay  freeway rick ross a lump sum of money so he can shut up. or better yet come with an agreement like two business man. example -( just when slim thugs was using boss of the south for his aka name and when rozay came to the music industry he took it from him and at the end slim thugs let him use it, that’s because i believe they both sat down like two bosses and agreed on something).


      @tyson, also remember that this fat slob said in an interview that he’s never heard of anyone called freeway ricky ross and that he’s only concerned about gettin’ paid!


    This dudes an identity thief, Plain and simple! No true hip-hop fan will ever respect this fat slob! He knows he stole this man whole identity and life story and created a fantasy career from it, and this is one of the main problems in today’s hip-hop arena, there’s no originality and fans to easily overlook the obvious, dudes like this should be ashamed of themselves, WILLIAM “OFFICER RICKY” ROBERTS!

  • Mushdagrt

    I like ross musically, dude is ultra talented in my honest opinion I think he would have blew without the name an all the drug talk but he chose the route he chise, but @ the same it what it is, he stole that mans gov. as well as his persona….they have the same beard lol..id most definitely want to be compensated too..

  • Mushdagrt

    The powers that be dont want to see that man eat, not after there devious ways were exposed & it now common knowledge of what transpired & how they used him…

  • Deac

    i’m from LA and from the Freeway Rick Ross era the Rapper is a Joke he should have broke bread. Believe me this ain’t over!