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Iggy Azalea Says “I Don’t Give A F-ck” About Eve’s Opinion


They asked her, so she told them. Last week, in an interview with The Women of Hip-Hop, Eve was asked her opinion on the current crop of female MCs. She kept it funky and said she wasn’t digging a certain female 2012 XXL Freshman cover girl too tough. “I’m not really into the Iggy Azalea chick,” said Eve, citing her seemingly forced image. “I can’t really f-ck with her music, but her look is crazy. I just can’t believe it.”

At the Freshman Live Tour on Monday (April 9) in NYC, XXL asked Iggy if she felt some type of way about the former first lady of Ruff Ryders not feeling her steelo. “I like Eve,” she said. “Everybody is different, everybody hasn’t lived out of the box and for you to even know if it’s real, you have to kind of be an out-the-box person or somebody who likes something they’re not suppose to [like]. A girl like her that raps is expected, so, how could you understand something so different?”

The Aussie femcee went on to say that ultimately  she could care less how E-V-E feels. “I’m not mad at [Eve] for not understanding it,” she continued. “How could you if you’ve never been ostracized or loved something you weren’t suppose to love? Everything you’ve loved you’re allowed to love, so, how could you understand me? Thus, how could you know if it’s real? I used to be like, ‘It is real, let me prove it to you. Now, I don’t care if you think it’s real or not because it’s what I love, it’s my life. I don’t put my story all out there for you because I don’t need to put my story out there and prove it. I don’t give a f-ck if you think I am or not ’cause that girl in the crowd understand it and that’s who it’s for, if you don’t then it’s not for you.”

The recent Grand Hustle signee also addressed other female MCs who have come at  her neck, like Azealia Banks who chastised her appearance on XXL’s 2012 Freshman cover over her infamous, “Runaway Slave Master,” line. Iggy chalked up Banks’ barking and other shots to the spirit of competition and said she isn’t sweating it.  “Females are competitive like that and that’s how it is,” she said.  “I don’t take offense to it.”



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Photo: Iggy Azalea

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