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Cop Who Killed Sean Bell Says Of Shooting ‘No Apologies, No Regrets’ [VIDEO]


The tragic 2006 shooting death of Sean Bell at the hands of New York police became a refreshed memory for some city residents, especially in light of the recent Trayvon Martin case. Just weeks after being released by NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly, undercover detective Gescard Isnora has come forward in a somewhat defiant stance saying he feels just slight remorse for his hand in the killing of Bell.

In an exclusive interview with NBC New York, the former detective asserted that his actions on that fateful November night were part of his duties as a police officer. “I was fed to the wolves if, you know, you wanna use that,” said Isnora regarding his firing. “That’s exactly what the Commissioner and the Mayor did.”

Isnora maintains that while part of an undercover operation at a Queens strip club under suspicion of running a prostitution ring, he and other officers witnessed Bell having an argument with a rival when they claim a man in Bell’s group mentioned grabbing a gun. In an ensuing fracas, Isnora claims he saw one of Bell’s companions go for a gun which prompted him and the other officers to fire the rain of bullets into the car Bell was driving.

After a department investigation following years of protests, it was determined that the Isnora and the others acted improperly in their shooting of the unarmed Bell. Still, Isnora feels betrayed by the NYPD and he maintains that he did what was necessary at the time.  “I’m not looking back, no apologies, no regrets,” Isnora continued. “I came to grips with what I did.”

Isnora intends to file action in order to regain his position with the force.


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  • You have witnessed a man who refuses to repent despite all the evidence. This is why hell will be filled with many people of all races. If he has no regrets for killing an unarmed Sean Bell then you know he don’t even talk to the God cause he has done nothing wrong in his mind. Let us pray.

  • Don

    This former pig deserve what’s coming to him.

  • Money First

    Goofy as hell like most people of color that join law enforcement..They have no problem using you a as a pawn and selling you out first.

  • MC

    May God bless him. One thing I have learned is the saying ‘ You rep what you sow’ is very much true. One day he will feel that same (maybe even more) pain he put on that mans family. His words will come back to hunt him one day.

  • Champhf

    its one thing to say ” i didnt know he was not armed when we shot him” but to say you dont feel remorse for a life lost is just crazy. its like saying i weas just doing my job… we kill people all the time its nothing. he seems like he was happy to get to use his gun at work because  he can get away with murder.