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Casting For Jerry Seinfeld Acura Super Bowl Commercial Requested Light Skin Blacks


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  • Truth

    White people are racist??? 

    • Annoyed

      Thanks for lumping in all white people in your statement. Seems your a wee racist yourself. 

      • <>

        There is a growing suspicion that what the world 
        needs now is a religion that will cover the other six days of the week. 

  • Brian Allen

    Why is it wrong for an advertiser to appeal to as many demographics as possible?  They are spending their money and want to get the most return from it possible.  It has nothing to do with racism.

    Pay attention to advertising.  You have hispanics that don’t look TOO hispanic.  Orientals that don’t look TOO oriental, etc.

    • Youngbtheprotege

      so what if i had a commercial but i wanted white people who weren’t TOO white. .

      • Brian Allen

        That certainly would be your prerogative.

      • Youngbtheprotege

        and that suddenly makes me question yours as a human being.. im a 21 year old DARK skinned male,no criminal history,currently in college,very respectful to people of ALL color and although i understand that he may have had a preference for the type of actor he needed i don’t think it had to be broadcasted. my mother always kept me from viewing the world as racist or heavily biased,but as i get older i realize nothing in America has changed since MLK said he had a dream..

  • Ruagr8d8

    What’s up with this? I watched Seinfeld for years and Jerry always drove a SAAB. Why is he doing a commercial for Acura?

    • Brian Allen

      Because Saab is history.

  •  i hope this is not true

  • I’m shocked at people’s reaction to this and the dismissal when the company saying it was a lighting issue.  Hellooooooo… you’re supposedly in journalism, and  you’re not aware of the very REAL lighting issues this can cause?  Seriously.

    I’m a part time photographer.  Look at the FINISHED commercial that’s on tv.  Very light showroom, next to a very bright floor to ceiling window, white actor next to the salesman, light colored car on top of that.  The entire set was very light, and very bright.  If someone who had very dark skin was in the shot, the camera meter would not have been able to show all of that actor’s facial features without completely blowing out everything else around it.  Adjust so everything is right, and a “too dark” skin tone would turn to literal black in some areas, obscuring the face altogether.

    Try the experiment at home.  Get a white friend and a very dark skinned black friend and have them stand next to each other, in a light colored room.  Now try to meter for that.  Let me know how the photo turns out (answer – it WON’T).   Photo metering 101 folks… learn it before you pull out the deck of race cards… PLEASE.

  • Vin

     Jerry Seinfeld once expressed his unyeilding admiration for Bill Cosby who by the way is a dark complected african american. His requesting a higher complected black displays his internal dysfunctional contradictions concerning racial issues. He’s one of many confused people of the caucasian race. I’m neither shocked or surprised more will come.