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UPS Is Hiring: 9 Signs You Are A Struggle Rapper


You Stay Beefing On Twitter

Mos Def rapped “beef don’t come with a radio edit.” In 2012, it should be “beef don’t come in 140 characters.” Grown men typing out their aggressions over Twitter is the epitome of struggle. Log off.

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  • Titantakeover03

    What..? I think you need to rewrite this to How to make it as a bad rapper..? Check the top 20 Urban x The top online downloads for mixtapes. Super trash rappers. It’s not about being good, it’s about catchy hooks and connections.

    • BilderbergSuperstar

      Excactly most of the guys put now are on co-signs…There’s tons of great hip-hop just doesn’t involve most of these top 40 rappers..and the machine won’t promote progress they’d rather put out ignorance cause it sells…

  • Da TRUTH

    I love Outkast and there are some great southern rappers but too many of the terrrible (southern) ones saturated the market and airwaves and changed the whole sound and vibe of rap with weak production,lyrics and just some plain stupid stuff that showed they weren’t really trying.

  • SmplyJ

    Yes there are quite a lot of weak rappers out BUT actually Soulja Boy and Nicki Minaj got on from there Myspace.

    • Stay Frosty

      I think Soulja Boy is the only one who made a career from being on Myspace.

      • Ant0ni00

        Nuh un! Tila Tequila HAD a caree… No, sorry you might be right.

    • skillz77

      I think soulja boy is wack. If anybody ruined hip hop, he’s a contender.

  • Josemunoz47

    southern rap did ruin hip hop

    • M

      so you don’t listen to UGK,Outkast,Scarface,Ludacris or Juvenile?

      • MarquisCarter

        …K-Rino-DJ Premier too he’s from Texas. Make sure you throw him in any dude from Ny who hates the south face

  • I am rapper. None of this describes me. Actually quite the opposite on all accounts. 

  • BabaPuppe

    The title of this article seemed to be interesting, but too much clicking is involved. 

  • Mac Maze

    Jay said it best….. Rap should be your hustle not your life.

  • this website went bankrupt 2 days ago…and one of the editors is accused of sexual assault smh

  • koffybrown

    Even UPS require drug test,so any struggling rapper wouldn’t make there either.



  • Mistyping “there” as “their” is also a good way to know if you were meant for a career in writing.

    • No, it really doesn’t. Y? ^_^ lol, because, some people including myself, like to just use their own creative writing style. Sometimes I don’t use proper nouns, conjunctions and such but that does not mean that I need writing skills or help!?

      • DILLIGAF98

        Yes it does. That’s called bad grammar, not creative writing.

      • NVAdamzz


  • Mistyping “your” as “you’re” is another good way to tell that you aren’t a legit writer.

  • Kasi

    If you are over 40 and haven’t made it by now, forget about it! Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing a grown as man try to break into this business you are not Jay Z!

  • StruggleRapper

    I love how bloggers can always tell you what NOT to do…but never have a REAL answer about what you SHOULD be doing… Perfect Example “sending us emails when we don’t have a clue who you are”…in other words “your not posted on any blogs anywhere else”…WELL GUESS WHY?….BECAUSE YOU ALL THINK THE SAME WAY…so hows anybody supposed to get to know anybody if EVERYBODY is waiting for the next person to move first?

    • This too.

    • Mimi

      Very true. Tell them to stop spamming our inbox with their lame-ass notifications about useless post like this one.

  • Lenny

    Can I suggest you hire an editor? I’m not trying to be anal, but your response below mine from 7 days ago has spelling errors in it as well. Your article has spelling errors. Just have someone look over things before you post them. Perhaps, someone with a degree in English or Journalism. Or, they don’t even have to have a degree in those subjects–just find someone who’s passionate about English grammar and spelling.

  • Kaby

    *CLAPS* Nailed It.

  • Jamal

    every rapper is a struggle rapper at some point in their career.

  • concerned reader

    um. this article has horrible grammar. and i have to click like 10 times. and its just not well written. but i do like the points you made. keep up the effort. but not having proper editing is unacceptable don’t let it happen again

    • concerned reader

      im a woman by the way. so when you read this comment, read it in a girly voice

  • Southern rap didn’t ruin hiphop; it ENGERGIZED IT! The southern take on rap was so good it got EVERYBODY listening! Lol! We must have some struggle rappers here to be hatin’ on the article, but it’s TRUE! I see these losers standin’ in front of stores all the time tryin’ to hawk their weak mixtapes. I mean, I admire their spunk but if it’s been a couple of years and you’re still in front of stores tryin’ to sell another weakass mixtape, maybe you need to do something else!lol

    • “Young Kreyshawn grimey but I feel so elegant. Elegant. E-e-elegant.” You mean to tell me that the south had NOTHING to do with this? I’m no south hater; outkast, curren$y, jay elec, UGK, etc. all great names…amazing rappers…that were used for their SOUND as a CRUTCH for other “Make it clap” rappers. Not everyone is an overnight sensation. Some of your favorite rappers you bang everyday over 30, talking about they been doing this since a kid. Flo rider just turned 40. SO…what’s a struggle? You know Curren$y 36 right? Nah, you more than likely don’t remember him as a cash money artist.

      Yall keep letting these blog people define what is what for you. Yall just being lazy because the blogs are supposed to filter the bullshit. “Hop up out the coop…smell like wonton soup…whoop”. Guess they missed that one…and some others…oops.

    • UdonNo

      SOUTHERN RAP energized hip hop by opening the door for the less skilled mcs and proving that all you need is a catchy singy hook to get the strippers poppin and bet jocking. ask wacka…

  • nihilisticterrorist

    this entire article is terrible.

  • Junior Snap

    You don’t freestyle.

  • The Editor

    Please tell me who edited this story before its release. Please spell and grammar check before releasing anything, especially when you are being critical.

  • cptnjimusa

    WTF is a Papoose or Who is Papoose….LMAO

  • troof

    I’d rather be a “struggle rapper” posting links on Twitter (as long as the tracks are good) than a struggle freelancer writing for a third rate hip-hop blog. Considering half your readership are “struggle rappers” by your definition, perhaps you need to check yourself before alienating the people most likely to suppport your site.

    Honestly, I’m tired of no-talent bloggers complaining about MCs daring to email links or engage in conversations on social media. Engaging with artitsts is part of your job. You should be happy that someone thinks you’re important enough to hit up with a link. Instead of trying to bring people down, you should embrace the new times and encourage MCs to send links – maybe you’ll discover someone with actual talent instead of the daily barrage of major label trash we’re subjected to by sites such as this.

    People send me links all the time on twitter and to be honest, while some of these dudes truly are struggle rappers who should hang up the mic (mostly just starry-eyed kids doing horrible 2 Chainz impersonations) I’m genuinely surprised by the high quality of some of these unknowns. Get your nose out of the air, cut the snark and understand that the corporate major label world is just one small part of hip-hop and not the most important part either. As someone posted earlier – everyone of your favorite MCs was a “struggle rapper” at one point in their career.

    Also, the piece was a failed attempt at humor. Didn’t even crack a smile for real.

  • Lalala

    Lmao, all 9 things describe Lil’ Kim to a T!

  • Truth

    Its rap that has hurt hip hop so bad. You have all these wack rappers getting contracts and airplay while true hip hop and emcees are the ones still truly holding it down. If the person is a big twitter or facebook user then they a rapper not an emcee. They also forgot if you have the word lil in your name hang it up, if you think kanye is dowe hang it up. If you have face tats hang it up, if you spend more then $75 on any piece of clothing hang it up. rap sucks and hopefully hip hop and emcees will get their shine back soon so we can have music not made for 8 year old girls.