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Wired 25: The 25 Most Important People In Hip-Hop Under 25


The changing of the guard is officially on in Hip-Hop. Our culture has always favored the young and have look towards the youth to direct where the genre takes us. Artists and producers under the age of 25 are as prominent as ever and are looking to take the game to the next level. We always have love for the OGs over here, but like Drake says, “these kids wear crowns over here and everything is alright.”

Whether they are hit making artists, money making acts, go to producers, or underground sensations, all of them are just as important to the game right now as the older generation of Hip-Hop.  Without further ado, (and in no particular order) take a look at the 25 most important people in Hip-Hop right now under the age of 25.


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  • Just a thought!!!

    If this is the future the as NAS stated before “Hip Hop is Dead!!!!!!!”

    • THENEW

      what about K Dot and Krit

  • The Island

    This list should be called “The 25 Artists In Hip-Hop Under 25” because none of them are really that important. Yeah, they make music and such, but to put them on a lofty pedestal like they are changing the world is a bit much.

  • Hytutop

    some of the people on the list are not under 25 

  • clinique

     I call bullshit on this article automatically. There aren’t 25 rappers under 25 worth talking about leaving out the important stuff. Hell there aren’t 25 rappers over 25 worth talking about. Rethink the the numbers.

  • Scotty Westwood

    Wow this is the future of hip hop? Then were in serious trouble, there were only 4 artist worth mentioning on that list, and that’s only from a numbers stand point. I mean I give Chris Brown more props than anyone on that list!!! Just my opinion but to say these are the top 25 in the game no I’m sorry the top 25 changing the game is insane Drake okay maybe, Big Sean hell no he Kanye changed the game you go study his old work and train of thought and ask him for some pointers Big Sean should really pick Yeezys brain when it comes to creativity, Meek Mills is a dope feature rapper, Tyga let’s give him some times I can see him doing some thing given time but please explain why the rest “We all know someone wont be posting topics in that office anymore!!! Once again WOW”

    • mixmason

      well said, scotty

      • mafia5

        yo man i think that hip pop is dead and people should listen to a ,ore heart pounding music like RAP because the game is changing and the music is changing with it

  • Yupus

    lol some of these guys like Lil B, Waka Flocka Flame etc wont be relevant in two years time

  • booboomike

    how is earl socially awkward. Kinda fucked up to say that

  • booboomike

    how is earl socially awkward. Kinda fucked up to say that

  • booboomike

    how is earl socially awkward. Kinda fucked up to say that

    • johnny

      he is. i’ve talked to him before and in interviews he doesnt know what to say but i guess that is a little messed up to say

  • B_JeffLastKing

    Earl was born in ’94… That’s scary. Sky is the limit for him

  • lele

    i’m surprised jhalil beats aint here…

  • Mrs.FFOE

    i love big sean…and i think people will remember him cuz he changed the game! <3 <3 hes my favorite artist!

  • damnairfresh

    Lil B…for real.

  • Casper smart

    Fatus fee gets on stage with Casper Smart @ Lollapalooza 2012

  • LonDon

    Where is Chris Brown? He’s 23 and more influential than everyone on this list except maybe Rihanna and Drake

  • Mic_94

    Hopsin and all the Funk Volume 2012 crew….Dizzy Wright should at least get a mention!

  • comme des fvckdown

    where is bow wow?

  • Kroma

    Everyone gets older. Eventually they will age up too. I don’t see any big deal.

  • Ellis Watson

    No Joey Bada$$ -_-

  • Joel

    um……..no Joey BadA$$?