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As George Zimmerman sits in a Florida prison cell awaiting his bond hearing Friday (April 20), new details behind the night in which he shot and killed Trayvon Martin have been revealed. Following the incident, the 28-year-old told police the final words uttered by the unarmed teen at the time of his death, reports The Daily Beast.

According to a source close to the situation, Zimmerman told police that Martin said “Okay, you got it,” before passing away from his wounds. While there were no other details behind what was said on the night of the shooting, Martin’s alleged words paint a different picture than what has been released to the media via a witness, who heard the 17-year-old screaming before being shot.

The high school student’s girlfriend, who was talking to him on the phone moments before his confrontation with Zimmerman, told lawyers Martin said he was being followed by the former neighborhood watch volunteer, and that she instructed him to run. Martin refused, and reportedly put his hoodie on and continued to walk away as Zimmerman followed. He then asked “What are you following me for?” a struggle ensued and the phone call was dropped. When the girlfriend—who has remained anonymous—called him back there was no answer.

Both the girlfriend and the neighbor’s account showing Martin as the victim versus the aggressor, runs in line with the 911 call placed by Zimmerman in which he was instructed not to pursue Martin but did so anyway.

Although Zimmerman was not involved in law enforcement, he aspired to one day work as a judge, which some say may have fueled his decision to carry a gun, and police his neighborhood. Last December, he hosted an intimate gathering where he informed friends and family that he had received his associates degree in criminal justice, and had intentions of one day becoming a judge. Today, his life is decidedly different than he may have imagined, as he is now on the other side of the legal system.

With a new judge added to his case, pending the tomorrow’s outcome, Zimmerman may be allowed to walk free, which is lawyer, Mike O’Mara, is hoping for. “I just hope we can get my client out to someplace safely. There have been threats on his life.”

Zimmerman’s hearing begins at 9 a.m. EST.



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Photo: ABC News

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