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Bangin Candy: Miss Apple Bottom Jessenia Vice [PHOTOS]


Hip-Hop Wired will be debuting a new video series called ‘Ask A Vixen,’ an extension of our Bangin Candy section, shortly. One of the first women we had to get on camera was Jessenia Vice. You may have seen this New Jersey native as the star of the 2011’s Miss Apple Bottoms ad campaign. She’s also been featured in publication like King, Maxim and The Source as well as videos by artists including Fat Joe (“It Ain’t About The Money”) and 50 Cent (“Pass The Patron”).

Peep the photos of Jessenia Vice’s cakes out glory in the gallery to understand why her ‘Ask A Vixen’ debut will be glorious. Oh yeah, you’re welcome.

[vimeo 31288746 w=400 h=265]


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Photo: Photo: AskMen/Roger Mustafa

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  • D Brunk

    Little Miss bangin Candy needs a little more money so she can buy some more clothes. Clothes that maybe fit.   I don’t need my son looking at that trash.

  • well why look it up and then complain about your child seeing it….GROW UP You sound like an idiot!

  • Don

    she can get the smashdown

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    • KK

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      • Miguel Ortega

        Tell that to my little cousin wish she was racist and hated all these trayvons she likes hanging out with

    • Thugstah

      black girls are ugly lol

      • Yoda The Enforcer

        Sorry for your experience, but I have seen and met some really nice looking “black Girls”.

      • TT

        Mexicans, Spaniards are hella rascist. The rest of the latino community that Ive met are good people.

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    • Yoda The Enforcer

      Many of them may be racist, since I don’t know most of them, but I never really had an issue with them personally, no more than a sista.

      • SmokinAces

        I don’t know where people are getting latina’s are racist from. Dealt with plenty latinas and have never had a racial issue. Maybe people should venture outside of their box and learn one’s experiences do not dictate a whole group of people.

    • Eh, all racist hate each-other in some sort of way. Or they just picky on the person.

  • QueenB

    At least I feel better when I see her than all these size zero head-on-a-stick girls!

  • damnairfresh

    Keep doing your thing Miss Vice. You look great!

  • Felipe

    Most Afro-Latinas DON’T hate Black men. And Black men don’t really give a d*mn what SOME white and mestiza latinas hate!

  • Daniel Asamota

    Most latinas DO NOT hate black men! Most latinas have black grandmothers or grandfathers or even fathers themselves! All this division, man we don’t need to be like prejudiced whites! If others want to be ignorant that’s their affair, lets not follow suit! Eitherway, nice pic but I’ve seen so many just like this I barely even noticed.

    • bigzach1000

      You are racist and prejudiced. If you wanted to eliminate division, you wouldn’t even look at race, not to mention make some prejudiced comment about white people. who are just as human and decent as any group. People are people. If you group people according to skin color, you are no better than any white or black or Asian racist person.

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  • black man 222

    she will never marry. trash. nuff said.

  • archer1203

    Something weird looking about her

  • Ozzie

    why is this woman getting publicity? does the photographer and the website moderator have eyes?