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Lil Boosie’s Lyrics To Be Used Against Him In Court


A judge in the Lil Boosie murder case has ruled to allow some of the rapper’s lyrics as evidence in his murder trial. Judge Mike Erwin granted the motion to have three of the Louisiana native’s lyrics submitted to show intent in the prosecution’s case against him.

The ruling was reached following a four-hour pre-trial hearing Tuesday (April 24). Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, is accused of hiring a hitman to murder Terry Boyd back in 2009. The shooter, Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding is also wanted in connection with six other murders in the area. Interrogative detective Alvin Howard, of the Baton Rouge Police Department, testified that lines like “187,” “murk” and “cake,” found in Boosie’s music reference the killing. Howard also said that Louding admitted to being paid $2800 to commit the murder, yet the defense argued that the detective never verified where the funds actually came from.

Since his incarceration, Boosie—who was rumored to have died behind bars— has continued to release new music, and penned a letter to fans thanking them for their support. If convicted, he faces life in prison.



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  • jloc85

    what a waste of a life

  • Kesiha


  • Chocolate_Star

    That’s messed up. Talent gone to waste. When you rap or talk about doing ignorant sh*t whether you do any of the stuff you talking about or not…… can and will be used against you in some way or another. Black men need to start being more positive and help the youth succeed instead of spreading/praising ignorance and giving in to the stereotypes.  I live in Louisiana and I support Boosie but he made his bed and now he gotta lie in it.

  • billy-dilly

    using made up lyrics against someone in court as evidence is crazy. would they use ‘american psycho’ against brett easton ellis if he were accused of a crime such as this? songs have existed as a story telling medium since the start of human society and rappers always exaggerate and talk about killing people, it doesnt mean they actually do. is this more a case about a rapper being tried for the content of his lyrics? if the source of that $2800 isnt verified then where is the case? I shall watch this one with interest.

  • Mcpherson Sierra

    N ot guiltyyyyyyyyyyy sLs! FREEEEEEE BOOSIEEEEE 😉

  • F*ck Boosie