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Waka Flocka Does Not Approve Of Hologram Tupac [VIDEO]


Vibe recently spoke with the precocious Atlanta rapper about the much talked about stunt pulled by Dr. Dre during his set at this years Coachella. Waka didn’t like the fact that someone was profiting from the image of a deceased person, also made a point about not knowing if that’s something Tupac would have wanted.


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  • YO


  • but he can’t even spell hologram tho

  • his mother approved so I guess its ok.

  • Tmaurice73

    Dude is a retard! Pac would’nt want him in the game lol…..

  • Tcarlo1560

    I actually agree. Let the man rest in peace! The industry act like they own that man’s soul. And just because his mom was ok with it don’t mean nothing. Question is, would TUPAC himself agree?

    • jay

      thats an impossible question to answer he’s dead

  • DetroitGirl

    2Pac was very cocky and outgoing and often rapped about being remembered after he was gone. I believe he would have liked this and bottom line is his mom makes the decisions now and if she didn’t have a problem with it I don’t know why anyone else should!

  • fiasco


  • Nina Dashotta

    If Pac’s mother, the main person whose death was truly and unconditionally impacted, didn’t mind the hologram, everyone else who has a problem with it mourn and celebrate him in their way…note to waka flaka: you will NEVER be remembered as tupac has been, your not even in his league so quit the undercover hating.

  • Kross2011

    This ni**a is a hater!!! hahahahaaa, its kinda funny how he said pac had no swag.  Pac got more swag in his pinky than waka fuka got in his body.  fa real homie, you need to know your role my nigg.  give credit where credit is due…  R.I.P 2Pac…

    • Ozwald

      No shots, but what I think he said was that if you try to bring him in 2012 & the kids that didn’t really know about 2Pac saw him on the hologram, they would judge him by today’s standard & to the KIDS he would look lame in comparison to what was done in the 90s.  He wasn’t dissing 2Pac & saying that he was lame; he thought that the IDEA of trying to bring him current would be.  That’s where the no swag came in.  He (Flocka) thinks that it’s lame to try to come up on that man’s legacy & memory & in some ways he’s right.  I think his mom is just as correct as he is for approving the hologram, because the ones who were around while Pac lived could really appreciate it for what it is & where it takes THEM.  The younger generation wouldn’t be able to relate & that’s what I think the gist of Flocka’s attitude being geared towards not tarnishing Pac’s image because they might not know his music…

  • if he died his music still wouldn’t sale

  • Shoota0075

    This clown needs to stfu tupac got more talent dead than this hater does alive ,,,real talk

  • customcalendars4u2

    This clown better read his own contracts, but he does have a point the deceased probably wouldn’t want the use of his image marketed in this way. On the other hand I BET cash money the record executives are well within they’re rights,because they are able to repackage and redistribute all artists music/images after demise. All the contracts that Tupac signed in Life has obviously bound him in Death, remember also Tupac’s mother she is profiting from all this to, she enjoys a certain lifestyle.

  • Itsmethistime

    Wacka is wack.  He wish he was relevant enough to be honored the way Tupac was.  That Coachella performance was EPIC and was creatively and tastefully done.

  • kjacks

    I swear the more i listen to him talk, the dumber i get. Smh

  • Sit down Waka Flocka and shut up!

  • We have to remember Waka is the same MF that stated he’d go to college and study geometry… Anybody that knew Tupac knew he talked about life after death often after being shot the first time around. These guys grew up and rocked with Tupac around world so its only right that they honor Tupac. 

    And to Waka, I’d rather go see a hologram of Tupac anyday over paying to see yo lame, non-rapping A**.  Perhaps its time to work on quality material and not hollering all over your tracks.

  • Miss_Understood

    Hater!!! Have SEVERAL seats with them D!ck Sukkin Lips and Dookie Braids…have some respect for Pac and mind your business!

  • i dismissed it at first but i do see where he’s coming from now.

    Dave Sentongo

  • Coolazzdude1111111

    wakas just mad cuz  the hologram would sell much more then this monkey looking fucker.

  • Maggiewhite934

    ===blackwhiteplanet.c~0~m =====