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Bow Wow Talks Underrated, Suicide Rumors, Says Daughter Is The “Best Thing” To Happen To Him


Does naming your album Underrated mean that you feel people underestimate you?

Well for me, I just listen to my two million [Twitter] followers, that’s what they say. My job is to make records, and go to work. It’s other people’s jobs to make opinions and comments on whatever it is. My fans tell me daily, how you feel [they say] ‘You sold 10 million copies on all you’re albums, you’ve had 10 top 10 records, but you never had a cover of XXL.’ I’m like ‘Yo I never really thought about it! I’ve been so busy working and doing movies and doing all this stuff, and when I think about it I’m like “Oh s–t, they right.” That’s where the whole theme came from, it was inspired by my fans to call it Underrated. Honestly it’s a term for any and everybody. If you work a regular job and you feel like you’ve been doing that a long time, and some new jack comes through and he gets promoted, and you feel like you been putting in work, you’re underrated.

Speaking of XXL, what are your thoughts on the new school rappers in your age group?

I’ma be honest, Meek [Mill] is my homie, I’ve been messing with Meek before he signed to Maybach Music. I like everything that Meek’s doing, that’s why he’s on my album. The reason why I chose the artists that I have on my album is because I have a really good relationship with these dudes. But as far as the newcomers, I like what they’re doing, but a lot of this s–t is the same, Everybody tatted up, every n—a wearing a snap-back. I love the direction that it’s going in, but as far as the image, the image, the image does seem the same.

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