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Bangin Candy: Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Fiancé Shantel Jackson [PHOTOS]


Last night, Floyd Mayweather defeated Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas by decision and retained his WBA Super Welter Weight Championship. While the fight ened up being more competitive than expected, plenty of eyes were on Mayweather’s fiancé, Shantel Jackson, thanks to that sick dress she was wearing.

What better time than ever to dedicate a Bangin Candy post to the Miami born model? Enjoy the pics in the gallery. Even if Mayweather had lost, he still won. Clap for Miss Jackson.


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Photo: Miss Jackson

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  • Shes77

    She’s Gorge! But no of these r the pics from her last nite!

  • juliemango

    SheBanginHard – KO!!!MyNewTV/WWWNeedsNetflix!!!

  • Cocobaby

    She is beautiful. But she has a stubby midget body.


  • Ummmm #8 isn’t her that’s some other chick lol

  • Another Latin chick…blah blah.. I mean I love all women but why does it seem to appear…the same type of chicks is called exotic?! Too much emphasis are being placed on stereotypes!! This also shows insecurities.  

    • blazing angel

      She does not look like a latin women lol. This women is half black/half white. Her name is Shantel Jackson which is not a latin name dumbass.

  • Jazzwatch

    But HOW is she from the INSIDE??? I mean her CHARCTER????? I DO love nice eyes and booty, but the the INSIDE is what REALLY counts, IJS….

  • detroitddddkid

    Helll YEAA Niqqqas!!
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  • BREN

    If tht looney dude had no money she would not be with him!! cuse hes not cute n hes absolutely nutzo

  • i dont know these dudes wife up chicks that they know using them for money…but it was a good match for him though because hes dark skinned

  • Kisscharm2006

    WOW!!!! another rich black successful man choosing to give up the sistas for a lets be real, she more white than black. so her name is chantal does that make her black. i thought he was dating Chilli for TLC. 

    • Jeepoo

      She looks clearly mixed race white/black. Her features are completely like that. Most of the time those types of black/white chix be dating brown men.

      • melchior42

        White/Black that many Latinas are. She looks like she is part Latina, probably Puerto Rican or Dominican

  • black women are not exclusive for black men, white women are not exclusive for white men .. there are gold-diggers of every hue .. the attention is always on the successful black man who dates outside of his race when the majority of black men, successful or not, are married/dating black women, and the numbers are not even close .. so stop tripping on color people .. a thousand years in long enough, don’t ya think?