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A Bad Azz Timeline: How Lil Boosie Ended Up On Trial For Murder


April 25, 2012 // Judge Mike Erwin rules that lyrics from one of Lil Boosie’s songs can be used as evidence against him in his murder trial. Interrogating officer, Alvin Howard, says that specific lines from an unspecified song contain an admission to Boosie’s guilt.

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  • nina b.

    Smh…that n***a is NEVER getting out

  • Chazlw

    Lmaoooo! Nina you are hilarious! But right, his next show will be in Angola, cost 2 honey buns!

  • Faecoast

    Ima have to agree its highly unlikely that he will get out.

  • mj4563367

    yall dumb? read up on the case dumbasses

    • Jj12345

      yea you right mj they need to read upon the case 

  • Deidral Dudley

    However…. Not guilty was the verdict… Soooo EDDU!!!