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A Bad Azz Timeline: How Lil Boosie Ended Up On Trial For Murder


June 17, 2010 // While serving out his sentence in the Dixon Correctional Institute, an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury indicts Hatch on first-degree murder charges. The indictment claims that Boosie paid teen hit man Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding $2,800 to murder alleged rival Terry Boyd, 35, in October 2009. The rapper is also hit with eight other charges that include conspiracy to introduce codeine into a penal system. Boosie may be eligible for the death penalty if found guilty on the murder charge.

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  • nina b.

    Smh…that n***a is NEVER getting out

  • Chazlw

    Lmaoooo! Nina you are hilarious! But right, his next show will be in Angola, cost 2 honey buns!

  • Faecoast

    Ima have to agree its highly unlikely that he will get out.

  • mj4563367

    yall dumb? read up on the case dumbasses

    • Jj12345

      yea you right mj they need to read upon the case 

  • Deidral Dudley

    However…. Not guilty was the verdict… Soooo EDDU!!!