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Lark Voorhies (“Lisa Turtle” From Saved By The Bell) Fell Off [VIDEO/PHOTOS]


There is no other way to say this. Lark Voorhies, aka Lisa Turtle from Save By The Bell, fell off. Once the chocolate kissed crush of many teenaged boys, in a “Where Are They Now” video interview posted by Yahoo, Voorhees  looks like she currently sips copious amounts of True Blood.

So many questions must be asked after watching this video of Bayside High’s cute Black girl. Like, why is her makeup so ashy? Why doesn’t her forehead move?

For now, we’ll pray for Lark and hope that she’s already fires her makeup artist. Peep more photos, good and bad, of the former teen star in the gallery.


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Photo: Yahoo

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  • yo that aint her

  • GiGi

    Please let that be some sort of medical condition, if not she got got

  • only1princess10


  • only1princess10


  • Piscespoeticequinox

    she looks in pain omg was her amily held hostage for this interview to take place?

  • Piscespoeticequinox

    and why would u wear such a revealing dress with war scars on ur arms 

  • Willyblu2

    maybe she has vitiligo and her makeup artist didnt hide it well

  • Howdy

    Don’t know what all the hubbub is about.  This was a waste of time.  She doesn’t look terrible, just somewhere in between.   WTF am I doing commenting in here.

    • lilirose

      -_- u ade my day lol! i mean..lollz!

  • Guessy

    I hope she’s okay. Her voice sounds completely different too.

  • Something is definitely going on within her body.  No shade BUT was doing an interview really necessary in light of her situation?  AND why is Michael Yo acting like he doesn’t see what we see?  Crazy!!!

  • Guest

    looks like she had her skin bleached. or maybe a bad skin abrasion type of procedure. the makeup is trying to cover it up. poor thing

  • she is totally DONE,WASHED UP!!! and OLD

  • Yes, I’m that Leah

    She was on drugs for a VERY long time. And had some bad surgery. I hope she’s off now. Maybe she’s on meds to help keep her off  drugs and suffering some massive side effects? She lost her beautiful long hair…..praying for you Lark, whatever it is.

  • kim

    Just saw the video.  Kind of conversation you have with someone and you can actually feel an migraine coming on.  Weird.

  • :o)

    Check Lark Voorhies out in a monster comedy coming out this summer/fall called Little Creeps!

  • Kdramos09

    She looks like all they used was powder?, she looks waaaaaayyyyy different then what I would have expected..smh

  • Jaggerstonie

    Did she smear dirt on her face for this interview?  Or was she making mud pies and tasting them to get the look! Yikes! 

  • guest

    It doesnt sound like her either.

  • Catrellh

    Either they used funeral make up on her or she was just off the set of Thriller 2?

  • HomeyDontPlayDat

    This proof to stay away from that botox crap.

  • Smh1977

    She doesn’t look as bad as Vivica Fox and Lil Kim.

  • C_cool

    I think that’s HD makeup, but it wasn’t necessary for that interview. 

  • Mskittyblog


  • Ashely White41



  • This is just laying the groundwork for her “where tare they now” segment in 2025.

  • legallychisis

    Who cares how she looks now! She was still a beautiful African American Doll when she was on saved by the bell! HELLO we are humans we do AGE!! Or maybe some are still stuck in their PETER PAN fantasizes!!

  • Maggiewhite934

    ===BlackWhitePlanet.C/0/M ===



  • klak

    Do you momma

  • Banana_Phone

    What is this I don’t even…