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Racist Florida Resident Sells Trayvon Martin Gun Range Target Hoodies


As if it’s not bad enough that Trayvon Martin lost his life at the hands of a gun-wielding racist, one Florida entrepreneur has decided to capitalize on the tragedy in the most disgusting way possible. An unidentified seller produced hoodies with a gun range target on the front in an attempt to make money off the loss of a life. The anonymous person sent an email to local Florida news station explaining that their goal was solely to “make money off the controversy.”

Orlando’s WKMG Local 6, spotted an ad for the sweatshirts on a website auctioning off firearms. Although the promotion has since been pulled, the hoodies sold out in just two days, proving that the racists thread runs deep in America.

Mike O’Mara, lawyer to Martin’s accused killer, George Zimmerman, distanced himself from the controversy, blasting the sweatshirts as  “the highest level of disgust and the lowest level of civility.” O’Mara went on to site the sweatshirts, resembling what the 17-year-old wore on the night that he was shot and killed by Zimmerman, as damaging his client’s attempt at receiving a fair trial.

Zimmerman was released from prison after posting $150,000 bail, and has received  nearly $500,000 in donations from his supporters. It’s not clear whether or not said supporters also used their funds to purchase one of these disrespectful sweatshirts, but we wouldn’t put it past them.


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  • TheShadowmaster

      A gun-wielding racist? Do you know Zimmerman? What proof do you have that he’s a “racist?” All the evidence is just the opposite. His black friends and neighbors say he is not anti-black. Were you at the scene of the killing? Are you prejudiced in favor of your race? Are you the real racist?

    • Cam604

      U must be see through white to be defending this piece of sh*t…

      • TheShadowmaster

         No one is defending anyone. Why do you find him guilty without a trial? Are you a racist who sides with “your own kind” just like the KKK does? It’s a shame so many blacks have become racists. They have learned nothing from the KKK mentality and have adopted the same mindset the Klan has.

    • LuvPink2

      Do white people like you have the words “black” and “racist” on google alerts or something?  Its ridiculous that when there is something about race on the internet, hateful people like you hurry and come to comment.

      • TheShadowmaster

         No one is “hateful.” Only you.

        There is nothing hateful about wanting to find the whole truth about this tragic event.

         News flash, racism does exist and there is a lot of hate towards whites. So tired of this.

        Again, there is NO proof that Zimmerman hates blacks. You are paranoid. See a psychiatrist.

  • With Mother’s Day right around the corner I can’t help but think about Trayvon’s mother.

  • stcomingup

    Fucked Up!!!