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5 Reasons Why Blue Ivy Carter Will Have A Better Rap Career Than Lil B


We’re not here to throw stones, but the issue behind Lil B’s refusal to stop releasing new music is starting to get out of hand.  The Bay Area rapper has tried every tactic possible to be taken seriously in the rap world, but to no avail. Even naming his debut album, I’m Gay, and being invited to speak at New York University, couldn’t trick [most of] the public into responding to his alleged musical movement. Although we appreciate his tedious attempts at showcasing some form of lyrical talent, B’s latest release   “3 Stacks,” off his Welcome to Based World mixtape took things to a new low. Aside from shooting the music video in a sauna , the record—set behind Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”—is cringe-worthy at best. So when thinking of which upcoming artist would be a potential opponent, we decided to weigh B’s career up against that of Hip-Hop’s crowned princess: Blue Ivy Carter. She’s not even six months old yet, but if–and when—BIC starts taking a serious shot at music, you can bet that she’ll have a better run than Lil B.

Here are five reasons why BIC will have a better rap career than Lil B.


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  • Ajclassicjunior

    Whats with yall hating on Lil B hes had a wayy more successful rap career then half the rappers yall covered, Lil B wrote a book, performed at coachella, did songs with 9th wonder and g unit, his albums receive great reviews, he spoke at NYU, hip hop wired you can hate all you want but Basedgod isn’t going anywhere sorry to break yall little hearts. His fanbase is too loyal.

    • soulja boy & mike jones went platinum sooooooooo wat does that mean his music still sucks lol

      • Ajclassicjunior

        First off you didn’t read what i said, I’m saying for Hip Hop Wired to get off his sack, they are constantly writing articles about how bad he is. But he sells out shows, speaks at Universities, wrote books. I mean the reason he gets shine is because hip hop wired stays writing about him and they need to give it up.

    • cmh1978

       man pull lil b nuts from ya mouth and look up and see this dude sucks

  • get off the BasedGod’s dick…considering everything is doing is not for, he constantly puts out mixtape for his fans, if nobody was listening to him he wouldnt waste his time doing such things and he has collab with many artist, to name a few….Bow Wow, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Waka, Mack Maine are he is currently working with Drake so stop the hating…he is growing as an artist

  • DickRIDINexposed

    Dont try to act like you werent rockin vans but they looked like sneakers. I cant leave my house without seeing someone in vans and this guys responsible. LilB’s a trailblazer; he’s clearly trying to make his own lane as far as music. HHW dick-riders. Id much rather listen to LilB then 2chains’ nursery rhymes that yal so much love.