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George Zimmerman Had Broken Nose & Black Eyes Following Trayvon Martin Shooting


A newly released injury report reveals the wounds that George Zimmerman allegedly sustained on the night that he killed Trayvon Martin. The 28-year-old maintains that the shooting was a result of a physical altercation pinpointing the unarmed teen as the aggressor.

According to the report, Zimmerman had a broken nose, two black eyes, and lacerations on his head. Not surprisingly, the Florida resident’s family physician completed the medical report, obtained by ABC News Tuesday (May 15). Aside from his visible ailments—for which he refused medical attention— Zimmerman also complained of “occasional nausea when thinking about the violence,” and was told to seek psychological help.

While Zimmerman’s doctor’s findings fall in line with his claim of self-defense, none of his injuries were visible on police surveillance taken not long after the incident. Discrepancies, in his story—which also include the fact that he was told not to pursue Martin, and that a witness heard the teen cry out before dying—will likely poke holes in his defense, once the case goes to trial.

Last week, Zimmerman’s lawyer submitted a not guilty plea on his client’s behalf, and waived his right to a speedy trial.



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  • TDR25_Forever

    They really are trying to do and say anything to make this “killer” look like he did nothing wrong, but actual evidence doesn’t lie. He called the police for a non-life threatening scenario, was told not to follow the alleged suspect, chose to follow anyway, and possibly provoked and engaged Trayvon in a fight. He probably got his butt whooped, chose to pull his gun and kill an unarmed young man, and now he wants to cry that he was the victim when he could have just avoided the situation altogether. Send this punk to the booty stealing house and throw away the key.

    • J A SASSY aka salon22w

      PREACH.. and thats the whole truth..

  • Versatile2007

    He didn’t have a broken nose or bloody head when he walked into police station right after incident in that CRYSTAL CLEAR police video. Maybe they arrested the wrong man?

  • Trish

    so what…big difference: HE’S STILL BREATHING…who cares about a broken nose and black eyes…ugh

  • CriticXtreme

    Here’s what’s deep – Zimmerman will get off from this murk and will do even better than he was. The short memory spans, A.D.D. and white-tee’s ability to distract will all aid in his victory.