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Revenge Causes Mom To Run Teen Over With Car


Timera D. Branch is a mother like most, defensive of her children, yet she may have let her protective instincts drive her too far…literally.

The 33-year-old mother is facing a serious murder charge in the death of John W. Keyes, a teenager.

Authorities allege that the insane woman mowed Keyes down with her car in response to a fight that occurred between him and her son.

Family members of Keyes attest to their being an altercation between the two teenagers, with the incident starting after Branch’s 16-year-old son learned of Keyes dancing with his girlfriend at a local party, the result of which ended withes giving the 16-year-old a swift punch in the eye for his troubles.

Authorities allege that Branch stalked her younger victim the next day before using her vehicle to smash him into a building.

Medical staff pronounced Keyes dead soon after the incident.

Branch is staring down a first-degree murder charge, guaranteeing that she would receive a minimum of 20 years in prison if found guilty as charged.

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  • Upperclasslady

    What a DUMB A$$, no DOUBT I’ll FIGHT for my children but I handle what they can’t. Her son fought! There was no need for her to retaliate for no reason, now she’ll never be there for her children when they REALLY need her to have their backs!