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Adult Swim Announces Season 4 Of The Boondocks


It’s been a long time coming but The Boondocks is finally about to bless your TV screens once again. Adult Swim announced via their website, that season 4 will kick-off soon, but didn’t release details on the premiere date.

Creator, Aaron McGruder is infamous for taking one long hiatus after another, and it’s been well over two years since the debut of season 3. Either way television has been starved of the antics of Huey, Riley, and Granddad.


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Photo: Nerd Pocalypse/Adult Swim

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  • donteffwitme


  • yeeyee!


  • Tammie0112

    It’s about gotdamn time(in my grandad voice)

  • Nicole

    AWESOME!!!!! Can’t wait..

  • Mikebrown


  • Adriansibsa


  • Mzsw33tz


  • uShallKnoDaTruth

    But on a serious note im glad its coming back….thought they was gonna cancel the show because of the truth it sometimes tells…

  • Hharrismarisa

    So excited can’t wait to watch!!

  • D Smith6260

    FINALLY!!! You just mad cuz yo a$$ is old, first thing you do is pick up the phone, Lethal Interjection livin next to your home, eff Grandad old n***a it on………

  • Lordjerry

    personally huey is my favorite character

  • ApprxAm

    Oh, snap!  Oh, no they didn’t.  A boneless rib sandwich?

  • Kevinb

    I am the stone that the building refused,
    I am the visual the
    inspiration that make ladies sing the blues,
    I’m the spark that makes
    your idea bright,
    the same spark that lights the dark so that you can
    know your left from your right,
    I am the ballet in the box the bullet in
    the gun,
    the inner glow to let you know to call your brother son
    story has just begun,
    I’m the promise of whats to come
    and i’m gone
    remain a soldier until the war is won

    YEA BOY!!!!

  • jayjay2cool

    Made me lmao
    Stinkmeaner: Dats right! I backed into your car nyuggah, what you gonna do?! what you gonna doooooo?

    • Sickflowcalladoctor

      You smash my dortyyyyyyy I hope u have insurance

  • saif

    YEEAA BOI!!! It’s about time.

  • JaniMyshtari

    Oh man, this just made my year.

  • theTRUTH

    Booty Butt, Booty Butt, Booty Butt CHEEKS!
    Move them Butt, Booty Butt, Booty Butt CHEEKS!!!

  • yap, can’t wait, i miss uncle rackus

  • bootybuttcheeks

    YEA BOY!!!! that’s my show

  • DVL

    Nigeria loves Boondocks. Can’t wait!

  • gilbert

    Unlce Ruckus (no relation)

  • AliceUsagi

    Stinkmeaner: You got bad credit Robert!

  • Donavon Riggins

    so what day will it come out?

  • jack

    Its meant to come out today??