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Four Black Women Arrested For Posting Footage Of Vicious Fade Online


Four Florida students were arrested after footage of their fight with an unsuspecting white high-schooler was posted on You Tube, and Facebook. The victim, 18-year-old Celina Bennett, told police that she was jumped by the assailants, just a few blocks away from her school.The Life Skills Center student received a bruised eye and was hospitalized briefly for her injuries. While she didn’t know exactly who committed the attack, investigators were able to pinpoint the suspects and arrested Kennyque Lawrence, 20, of Sunrise, Keisha Fradin, 20, and Wayneisha Jones, 18, and a juvenile whose name has not been released. The trauma of the attack has left the teen paranoid. “Now I have to constantly turn my back everywhere I go, because girls obviously are jumping me for no reason,” she said.

Bennett is just one of many people who have fallen victim to a beat-down that landed online. In what has become a sad trend, many young people tape their fights in hopes of becoming stars on site like WorldStarHipHop. Last month an Ohio teen was arrested after a recording of her jumping another girl, somehow found its way to the well-known video site.


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Photo: Broward Sherrif’s Office

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  • Yaya1

    Well thats what they get, shoulda been in class or doing something productive with their lives. This trend of fighting has gotten out of control and honestly is quite sad. Ignorant to say the least. And i hope all these fight starters end up in jail, no one has any right to put their hands on someone unless they are the ones being attacked.

  • prettydew

    I hope they get charged with a HATE crime, and the FEDS put them away for the rest of their miserable, stupid existence.

    • ooohshamewhitie

      Well your gonna be hoping along while, cause that’s not gonna happen here buddy.

  • Michelle

    I have no tolerance for this mess! they need to crack down on sites who are posting crimes instead of alerting authorities……they’ve got to find ways to deter this kinda thing

    And they would have thee most stereotypical names of all time. Kennyque? Wayneisha? Shaniquwa? C’mon people. These names are not “African” or “ethnic” they are just plain stupid.