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Hip-Hop Clichés That Made MCs Stars, But Struggle Rappers Abuse


You have heard the annoying clichés from up and coming rap artists before. “My debut is going to be a classic just like so and so” or “The drug game wasn’t appealing to me anymore.” Truth is these scenarios did work for small fraction of MCs, such as Nas and Jay-Z, respectively. The problem is that their unique entries into the Hip-Hop game are too often mimicked by hapless rappers.

Instead of creating their own path to stardom, they not so subtly bite another rapper’s blueprint wholesale without putting in any of the same work. Here are some examples of rap shortcuts that struggle rappers champion and poorly execute.


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  • Bustycaramel

    U guys have boring articles?!

  • umm really???!! why all the shade? hip hip is a culture and rap an art form…art is subjective so who are you to tell #struggle rappers they are wack or any other negative description? I’m going to need you to have a seat with this nonsense…smh


  • Jerone

    Rap is crap these days. Rappers such as Drake and Lil Wayne are turning hip hop into a joke. And it is always the crappiest and poppiest rap that goes mainstream. Radio can’t handle the real stuff. It is always some whiny, watered-down, all about h0s and dollars rapper getting a top 40 charting slot. Pathetic.