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Stop The Lies: 10 Examples Why There Is No Such Thing As A Post-Racial America


Progressive-minded Americans celebrated the historic election of the first African-American President of the United State in Barack Obama as the moment that America was becoming a theoretical “post-racial” society where race, discrimination and prejudice were things of the past. However, recent events—even Jay-Z has caught it—have proven otherwise. Hip-Hop Wired takes a look at 10 examples why a “post-racial America” is nothing more than a mythical fallacy.

Feel free to let us know  if there are any other blatant examples worth mentioning in the comments.


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  • Not to sound racist, but them Immigrants in Arizona aint no joke. They dont belong in america.

    • proudlatina

      Ummm, double check your comment because that was extremely racist. Arpaio?

  • KateBryan

    Pick and choose your news. There are plenty of blacks that commit crimes against whites (like the kid that raped and killed an 85 year old woman in March) and blacks profitting off of making fun of whites. Just because SOME people are ignorant bigots doesn’t mean everyone is. I don’t even know anyone who is racist…probably because I wouldn’t associate with someone like that. There will always be hate and there will always be racism. It’s how you choose to let it affect you that matters.

  • Some things that people perceive as racist are really prejudice. Please learn the difference between the two. I get so sick of people pulling the “race card” every time there is a incident between a black and a white person. For example: George Zimmerman had a hero complex, so anybody could have been a victim of his because he was an accident waiting to happen….

  • Cheryl Baker

    There will always be racism unfortunately because of plain ignorance and people’s pea-sized brain and from the people who directly benefit from it economically. Sad but true!

  • ellen stafford

    You don’t know what racism is if you didn’t live during slavery or Jim crow Era.Live it then you can speak on it