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Social Media Trend Makes “Trayvoning” The New “Planking” [PHOTOS]


There’s a new ridiculous and insensitive fad happening among idiots on the Internet called “Trayvoning.” Similar to planking—but far more disrespectful and insensitive—people have been posting photos of themselves mimicking Trayvon Martin’s murder by lying on the ground (usually wearing hoodies), and holding skittles and ice tea.

Several Facebook pages have been dedicated to the disgusting act, but have since been removed by the social networking site. This latest fad comes on the heels of an opportunist in Florida who was selling gun target hoodies in an attempt to capitalize off the 17-year-old’s death.

Each and every person who participated in “Trayvoning” deserves to be stoned.


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    I’m trying to figure out if these idiots think that they are supporting Trayvon by doing this or do they know that they are looking like a$$hol3s? Seriously, these young people need to lay off of drugs -smh

  • Troy-40


  • cam604

    White people… They always trying to imitate blacks in some way or another… SMH what a mess…

  • Vanee6

    That is not cute what so ever. Down right disrespectful. These children today need guidance. They don’t have nothing else better to do with themselves. SMDH