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5 Awkward Moments Involving Lauryn Hill [PHOTOS]


When Lauryn Hill hit the music scene, first as a member of the Fugees and later as a solo artist, she changed the climate for female artists. Rapping and singing—and doing both well—is not a gift that a lot of people possess. But the pressure being placed on such a high musical pedestal may have opened up the door to a host of bad decisions.

At the height of her fame, following her prolific The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill release, the New Jersey native slipped into an agoraphobic state. After eluding the public for a few years, she briefly returned to the stage for MTV’s Unplugged series. The emotional performance reaffirmed any doubt of her abilities, but also showed the world that her uneasy relationship with the music industry was alive and well.

Today, what will forever be a career filled with great accomplishments, has also been marred with bad press, legal drama, and bizarre public appearances. While we here at Hip-Hop Wired are still pulling for the mother of six, we’ve compiled a list of some of her most awkward moments. We love you so much Lauryn, but we just want that old thing back.



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  • jhsting32

    This disrespectful ish….who cares what they say do you Lauryn!!!!!!  Happy Birthday!

  • nickwoods

    lmao that was messed up with the ronald mcdonald pic

  • fetchit

    What an idiot. Seems she made a series of bad choices-particularly in men. Rohan Marley are 5 time baby daddy is himself the product of an affair between his mama and a married Bob Marley

  • “All those who are unhappy, you’re always free to go back and ask for a refund.”

    Really Ms. Hill?  True as that statement is, I would never pay to see her.

  • JustSaying

    After what Wyclef supposedly put her through, I wouldn’t be surprised if all those memories came back and she tried to stab his a$$

  • Yes, get it together Ms. Hill and come on back.  Life is what you make it, not what it used to be or can’t be.

  • Daisy

    She’s done the rosy red cheeks before, and that’s really troubling,because mentally ill women that wear makeup tend to favor excessively red cheeks or lips. I’ve always wondered if she might not be seriously bi-polar.

  • SA.Poet

    NoMatter what ppl say, Ms Hill, u are irreplaceable, you are you, nd no1 can come any closer to the possitive impact that you have had on me, regardless of the wrong personal decisions that you might have made in life, you are still alive, (living legend, you are).