Black America is in a state of emergency and it has come to a point where violence has escalated to an alarming rate and the youth seem to have lost a sense of direction which has only resulted in casualties.

A stand is being made by Rev. Al Sharpton as he will be pairing up with Hip Hop activist Erica Ford to lead a day of protest going against the outburst of violence.

It is being dubbed the “National Day Of Outrage.”

Initiated by the National Action Network, this day will echo forever in time as the moment where the final strand of rope broke, in regards to patience, and Black America found a way to put their differences aside for just a day in order to work for a greater cause.

Taking place on November 23, the rally will feature Sharpton in Atlanta, Georgia and other rallies will take place across the country in major areas such as Los Angeles, Chicago, North Carolina, Boston, Cleveland and Philadelphia.

Speaking with AllHipHop, Sharpton opened up on how essential it is to finally be on one chord and rise together to put an end to the senseless violence.

“We must be just as vigilant against the shootings that are random, gang related or intentional because we are in a crisis state and too many lives are being forsaken. We’ve got to come together across all lines to fight this battle.”

While the Reverend mans the troops down in Atlanta, Ford will organize groups in New York.

Ford has continued to be a factor in restoring the order in the African-American community.  Her past work involved a program titled “Bury Da Beef” working with rap artists such as KRS-One, Tupac and many others.

“It takes a village to save a child,” Ford said. “The strength that breathes inside of us beats the madness of society. We achieve great success when we don’t accept all the habits as normal behavior. Love your life.”

Along with Sharpton and Ford, the rally will also include those that were victims of gun violence as well as other activists, elected officials and citizens from the communities.

The movement will begin everywhere at 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time and more information can be found at

The time has come to make a change.  It’s time to rise and stand united as one.

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