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Donald Trump Says Obama “Birther” Debate Is Not Racist


Donald Trump, and his struggle hair, continues to foolishly question whether or not President Obama was born in America, but he insists that he’s not racist. When questioned about being discriminatory at a GOP convention Saturday (June 2), Trump reminded critics that a Black man (Arsenio Hall) won the latest installment of his Celebrity Apprentice competition.  “Somebody said, ‘Oh, because I brought up the birth certificate, I’m a racist.  I said, ‘How can I be a racist? I just picked Arsenio Hall,’” he said.

The real-estate mogul-turned-reality-star is skeptical of a specific line on Obama’s birth certificate. “There is one line called place of birth, I’d like to see what he said..Perhaps it’s going to say Hawaii, perhaps it’s going to say Kenya,” he explained.

Unlike last year, Trump’s tireless efforts to discredit the president—despite the fact that he released a copy of his birth certificate—is not getting much support. Republican presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, has accepted recent endorsements from Trump and Condoleeza Rice, but has publicly disagreed with the billionaire’s antics.

Meanwhile, someone should tell Trump that there’s nothing more racist than purposely choosing a Black person to win your reality competition to prove that you’re not racist.



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  • This is not about like or dislike it’s about Constitutional Law and the future of our country.
    Do you really know what the phrase “natural born” stands for? No, it’s not citizenship as is addressed in the 14th Amendment. It is a qualification for the office of POTUS and nothing else. It is used no where else outside A2, S1, p5. as a requirement for becoming the President of the United States of America! Our Founders got the term from Vattel’s Law of Nations. They had five copies of Law of Nations to study as they wrote their wonderful Law of the United States. It is the children of parents (with a “s” signifying both) citizens of our country, the day their child was born and that birth on American soil. Jus Sanguinis, Jus Soli – Born of Blood and Soil. John Jay wrote George Washington about adding natural born as a requirement to keep British Subjects from usurping control of the position of Commander in Chief and destroying America from the inside out. Didn’t happen for 232 years but we let it happen in 2008. The son of a Kenyan Brit got elected President. But something bigger is going on! McCain was not natural born, he was born in Panama not on American soil. Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio both had parents where both the mothers and the daddys were not American citizens the day their VP seeking sons were born. There’s an amendment that requires a VP to be natural born. This goes on to Mitt Romney. Mitts daddy George was born in Mexico. His citizen ship status has not been proven but there are those that say Mexico required George and his wife to take on Mexican Citizenship to live there. If they did, even if they did not renounce their American citizenship, they owed allegiance to Mexico and could not pass on natural born American status to their boy Mitt the day he was born. The others are a fact but We The People need to be sure Mitt is natural born before we again elect an ineligible man to our highest office! We need facts not opinions! We need the facts now!

  • DrConspiracy

    I agree. Birther talk is not racist. It’s stupid. It’s one of the many battle fronts between those who value evidence and think rationally and those who believe the world is whatever it needs to be to support their prejudices.