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Jay Smooth Explains Why Gwyneth Paltrow Should Just Say “Nuh” [VIDEO]


Radio show host and Hip-Hop intellect Jay Smooth eloquently relays how Gwyneth Paltrow should have handled shortsighted decision to tweet the N-word. “Why do you care enough about this word to even bother having an argument about,” says Smooth about Jay-Z’s acting buddy’s faux pas, if she were to keep trying to debate her use of the word, in his latest Ill Doctrine.

Brother Smooth will be dropping two Ill Doctrines a week over at Animal NY. We suggest you get familiar if you have not already.


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  • yolobama

    ….but it’s the name of the song….she can’t say the name of the song?

  • Nickxdope

    if you are black and you got offended by gwyneth’s tweet then you have some serious issues.. its 2012 for f*cks sake!

    • LeeLeeC

      As a black person…NOT African American…I don’t listen to those fools music, and I never will. I don’t use that word in a social circle, angry, or otherwise. So, with that being sad…would it be wrong if she got her a$$ beat or knocked the f#$k out…NO…lol!!!! Know your place, know your boundaries, and have common sense. I don’t care if these rich ghetto folks are your friends and give you the thumbs up…you get the thumbs down from people who have dignity and class…simple as that.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22w

    I dont care what anybody says.. she shouldnt used it.. and i dont feel good about kanye and jayz using it either, but paltrow should of have sense to know white folks never have a pass to use it,, being the background of it from her race.. you never should get comfortable with that word if you are white .. she needs to use her head.. word in the song or not.

  • MikeMan

    Gwyneth Paltrow is not smart enough to realize that she needs to pick a better quality of friends.
    Jay Z + Money + Fame Does Not = Quality Friends

  • Thatreal

    This guy touched on what I always come back to: Why do White folks want to use the word in the first place? Cause SOME Black people do? There are some Black people that don’t use the word among themselves so shouldn’t that tell you something? HELLO! I hear Gays, women etc use terms to describe each other and I never feel the urge to want to adopt these terms myself. Use common sense & discretion, people.

  • They were the d *kheads who chose the name of the song

  • But this incident goes to show you no matter how many black friends yu got, how many black men you screwed, and how many black passes yu got you still can not cross the n*gga line