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Bill O’Reilly Says Diddy’s Son Shouldn’t Accept UCLA Scholarship [VIDEO]


The debate continues over whether or not Justin Combs should be granted a $54,000 scholarship from UCLA, given the fact that his father–Sean “Diddy” Combs– is worth millions. Bill O’Reilly shared his thoughts on the issue, first praising the younger Combs for doing well enough in school to earn a free ride, then blasting his father for not footing the bill.

“I applaud Justin Combs. The kid is smart, the kid is a good athlete, the kid’s stayed out of trouble — he could be a crazy guy like so many celebrity daughters and sons are,” O’Reilly said on his Fox News show earlier this week. “We gotta give him all the credit in the world. However, his father, Diddy, once the scholarship is granted and it goes into records that the kid earned it, he should’ve said you know what we’re not going to take it, we’re going to give it to another kid. ”

Citing Diddy’s estimated net worth, as the reasoning behind his views, O’Reilly went on to say that given the limited amount of scholarships available to students, giving a less fortunate college hopeful with the moneywould be the right choice.

At the end of the day, the youngster boasts a 3.75 GPA and definitely earned the scholarship, but should Diddy donate the money just to quiet his critics?


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  • Carrie

    Bill needs to go play in traffic. Dirt bag.

  • guest

    The same people go on and on about personal responsibility and all, but they want this kid to depend on daddy?? Besides, Diddy has like 15 kids, his son is smart to try to make his own money!

  • Nickxdope

    this guy needs to be fired… seriously, i cant express how mad i am that a guy like this has his own show.. the kid f*cking earned it, u racist prick

  • DamianSellasie

    What a hater just cos diddy is banking more

  • DamianSellasie

    The kid deserved it but would have been great for diddy to pay the costs for the student in second place but not give up the scholarship

  • lynen

    Chances are that Diddy will end up donating more than 54k to the school over the course of Justin’s time at the school. It’s silly for anyone to focus on this scholarship. I also don’t see the Bill O’Reilly’s of the world asking other wealthy parents with high achieving children to give back or repay scholarships those kids have earned.

  • Tayajah J

    I Hope He Would Make His Kid or Kids Give Up Their Scholarship.. ????? .. Don’t Offer or Suggest If You Wouldn’t Have Done The Same. I Wish This Subject Would Drop B/c At The End Of The Day He EARNED It.

  • stacey

    i am so tired of people trying to make this child give back or turn down a scholarship, it would be different if they were just giving it to him, he earned it based on his grades. i dont care who hi daddy is. how does anyone know if they were going to make a donation to another student or dosomething else, he earned it he should keep it

  • WOW Diddy asking his son to give up a scholarship to another person who isnt has fortunate has he is; is actually too mature of thought to actually place in that mans mind. Diddy should have known better, we all know the child earned it but are you really telling me that him being Diddy’s son had absolutely nothing to do with it. I beg to differ. to donate to another child is too selfless for Diddy to understand. Money is everything to him and it will soon be his downfall. The souls of the children he killed in his quest for money that night in the club will soon reach him. Nothing more to say he should try for redemption before it’s too late

    • Jimmy Winterpock

      Get out of his pocket. How about you go give up something that you worked 12+ years for and then see if you still wanna be a dxck about this subject.

  • Kc

    No ones is saying he DIDNT earn it. That’s not the issue. Bill just praised his academic record. However, Sean “Diddy” Combs has all the money in the world to send multiple people to any university. So basically the point is this student comes from money and why is it that a student whose father can definitely afford paying for him going to University should get more free money. It’s like handing a rich kid more money. Not talking academics. Their are other low income students with NO connections or money. It is only fair. This kids maybach alone can pay for his education.



  • This issue just gets under my skin, the kid EARNED his scholarship, not only for being a great athlete, but from GRADES. A 3.75 GPA while taking AP courses. No one said 1 single word about this when Natalie Portman accepted her scholarship to HARVARD.

  • TDR25_Forever

    I’ll put it this way, if Justin is “supposed” to give up something he EARNED on his own back to someone “less fortunate,” than how about all those millionaires and billionaires that received generous donations in the form of Mr. Obamas bailouts give all the money back to the tax payers that it was “STOLEN” from them? It’s very sad that a Black man can never get any credit, praise, or even peace when he does something the right way, but we always seem to sweep what the wealthy, WHITE, corporate criminals of the world does under the rug. Justin, keep your scholarship kid, you earned it with YOUR OWN TALENT. You weren’t given anything for screwing up badly and then being bailed out by your rich father. Can’t say the same thing about all the greedy, yet still very wealthy, White corporate criminals out there.

  • Terry

    People are making this about his dad. when it has nothing to do with him. This is about a smart athletic kid that worked hard in school and earned his own way. What lesson would he be learning if he gave up something he earned thru hard work and let his daddy pay his way.

  • troy40

    Bill can go eat a Dzack! If the kid earned his scholarship on his own he should accept it. Who’s to say some other kid eligible has a family who can also afford to pay for it.
    If he was a bum and his pops bought his way into school all the fake haterZ would be outraged.
    He can be proud he earned this without help!

  • glennbeck

    Bill, you scumbag sexual harassing monster how dare you tell others what to do.

  • Dannyd14

    Really??? U know how many kids of ex professional athletes get free rides. The kid earned it with his ability on the field. Also for these schools, they give out free ride to recruit elite talent in whatever the persons field is from athletics to sciences to history. If Diddy had to pay whats to stop him from sending his kid to Alabama or a school with a better track record of producing pros.