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Azealia Banks Quits Rap [PHOTO]


Azealia Banks hasn’t even dropped an official album yet, but she’s already done with rap. The 20-year-old pulled a “Nicki Minaj,” by using Twitter to prove that she means business.

Banks proclaimed to be “no longer wishing to be a rapper,” stating that going forward she will be a “vocalist,” Friday (June 8).

The page was deleted shortly thereafter.

As previously reported, Bank recently cut ties with her manager, Troy Carter, after only two months of working together.

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Photo: NME

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  • blaise

    I really used to like her. I thought her style was dope but her rants and unnecessary beef is tiring and whack. Seems she is wasting her talent getting caught up in her own hype.

  • Teamwakeup

    The devil approached her……

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      She is what just 20, she has a lot of ability and the hyoe train started running after her. Selfishly, I like her approach so that she can keep to being an artist as much as possible. The business part is a trip. She has great vcoals and can do her own rap feature when needed.

  • MarshaBrady345

    Why people have to bring the devil into it? LOL. Maybe she’s smart and is reinvesting that rap money. If I could make it big, I would put out the most ridiculous ish ever, establish my name, and invest my money. Simple as that.

  • Urmothaho

    Idk maybe shes just another wanna be white black chic. And mayb she shouldnt open her mouth abt iggy wanting to act black

  • Sookiiee

    she did that to herself, don’t blame everyone else for you letting people pump your head up to make you think you were bigger than you were. YOU blacklisted yourself young lady with silly beefs with already well established rappers but since your aren’t a rapper anymore maybe you should try school, you can’t fail at life with a degree.

  • FriendZone

    how did she quit rap, when she really didn’t even start?

  • Celia

    ummmm…..harpo who is this woman?